A Crocodile from a Far, Far Away Galaxy

David was disoriented for a while because he could not identify himself readily. He smelled something musty, dirt, and felt wet in a dark place. Then I noticed he stretched two arms out like a person rowing oars pushing backward. I was concerned for him, wondering what was happening. Then he said he did not feel like a human, but felt like a weird crocodile. Finally, he realized himself as an old male crocodile.

S         What are you doing in that musty wet place?
D         I am just lying in the cool place, just resting.
S         What are you seeing and feeling around?
D         Watching. Just watching what is going on around. There is nothing to do, but just rest and watch.
S         What are you watching now?
D         Watching the water. .. There are two (2) kids on the shore playing. Just watching them play.
S         How is the water?
D         It is clear, very shimmery water.
S         What do you do other than watching?
D         Just swim around and find something to eat.
S         What do you eat?
D         Eat fish. What I can find. Turtle.
S         How does the turtle taste like?

As soon as I asked that question, he had a turtle in his mouth. I saw his mouth wide open, caught it in his jaw, chewed twice, gulped.

S         You only chewed twice!
D         Well…

As if well that was enough to gulp it down.

S         How is the taste?
D         It tastes raw, meat, wet, crunchy some.
S         Do you often get turtle?
D         Not often, it depends when I get a good meal.
S         Where is your wife?
D         I don’t know. I used to have many. When I was younger, in different places.
S         What happened to them?
D         Not too many of us are here. They choose places to go.
S         Any friends?
D         No, I am ooooold. I like being alone. I don’t want to be bothered with any. I just want to rest.
S         What do you learn by observing?
D         Learning to slow down, need to slow down. It gives you time to think; think to understand, just this life, just the experiences.
S         What kind of experiences have you had?
D         To fight what I want. If I want female, I have to fight. If I want food, I have to fight. You have to be strong to get what you want.
S         Have you been a leader of your pack?
D         Yes, I was a leader sometime. Sometimes you walk away. It is better for you.
S         When did you walk away?
D         You know you won’t win, you move away. You have to learn. Have to know when to fight, when to leave.
S         Where are your babies? Do you see them sometimes?
D         I don’t know. I don’t care.
S         Have you been crocodile before?
D         No, Just this one time, I wanted to experience how I feel.
S         So has this experience worthwhile to repeat?
D         No. It is boring. I don’t want to repeat this again.

image credit to Quora

He said, “Humans think crocodiles are just dumb animal. They are very, very, old beings. They are from different places of different galaxies”. I wanted to know the names of galaxies where they were from. I sensed he was debating to tell it or not, and mumbled for a while, then he curtly replied, “Not important”.