Cleanse Your Chakras

There are more chakras than the seven (7) we normally are aware of. According to the Higherself (HS) of a client, there are 12 chakras. And the following information is from that session. Five more chakras are going down further from the root chakra to the bottom of the feet, grounding to the Earthly realms. The spirits roam around the Earth, they are still living on the Earthly realm, we can see them when our chakras below the root chakra are open.

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Some other literatures show, there are more chakras going upward from the crown. However, this discussion deals with 12 starting/ending from the crown to the feet.

1st chakra it is the 2nd dimensional chakra, it is underneath of the feet in dark color, almost black.

2nd chakra near the ankles, where we start to walk, in more see-through black color.

3rd chakra at knee, carries burden in mixed color of brown and black.

4th chakra at thighs, and color is brown slowly turning red. This chakra opens dreams and sights. And clairvoyance starts opening up from this chakra.

5th chakra it is between genital and thighs, between the legs. It is karmic chakra where remembering karma starts opening up. Color is turning more red.

6th chakra it is root chakra. The color is red, darker than red if influenced by the 5th chakra. Usually people feel back pain, comes from emotional carry over the karma which we are not willing to let go of it yet.

7th chakra it is sacral chakra. The color is orange and stomach is the organ influenced by this chakra.

8th chakra it is solar plexus, and the color is yellow. Diaphragm is the organ influenced by it. This chakra deals with karma, past life, emotions such as feeling of hurt, pain, anger etc.

9th chakra it is heart chakra and color is green, where love resides.

10th chakra throat chakra, color is blue and deals with speaking truth with love.

11th chakra the third eye, and is indigo color.

12th chakra the crown chakra and color is purple. This chakra opens messages from Higherself and guides, and the Source.

The HS continued.

HS         Human vessel has to be aligned and centred. For spine to do that job, but the energy within also has to be balanced. If the current in a battery is not going straight through the battery, it could not be charging properly. If the current is erratic, then battery would be erratic and would not be functional. Hence the chakra stabilizes energy within the vessel; it aligns so that it is centred. Whenever it is clogged much like clogged pipe, it has to be cleaned so that current is freely flowing. It must be cleared so that the light from the Source comes down through the chakras. Often solar plexus and stomach area are having problem because people have difficulty to let go of their emotions. So these areas are cold, not warm due to the chakras are being stagnant. The light must go through without blockage, as we are moving from the 3rd dimension to the 4th to the 5th, chakra under feet are in the 2nd dimension must be in light to be in the 3rd, so we can be elevated.
Soo        Are all chakras in different dimension?
HS          Chakras are all in different dimension, when it goes up to the crown and beyond, it opens up to another dimension, and to other portals. If you open up from the crown, the Earth energy flows above, opening each chakra to enable to sense. If that has held in one of the chakras, blocked chakra is preventing light flowing to all other chakras. When opened, light will move through, we can live life in love, which opens different dimension.
Soo        Which chakra is the fastest way to open all the others? Is there such a thing designed?
HS          Opening the 9th chakra is the easiest and fastest. When heart opens up, we speak with love, we know that we are all one, and are the part of the Source. We can see through third eye with compassion, we will evolve on.
Soo       Why chakras are all in different colors?
HS         Chakra has different color. Chakras are relationship of communication, are vibrational thing, which means of association. Each vibration emits different message. For example, like rainbow, due to different vibration we can distinguish between other.
Soo       What about chakra stone cleansing on the market? Are they working?
HS         If handled with good intention they will work. The most effective way of cleansing chakras are: Visualize the light from the crown flowing to your feet down all the way to the deep core of the Mother Earth and bring the flow of the light from the Earth to the crown and make it become one, then you see the alignment. Repeat as many times as you can. This exercise will help your spine and chakras become aligned and in light.
Soo       Doing chakra cleansing, do we get our karmas cleaned as well?
HS         It is quiet not that simple. Karma cleansing is to face to face owning up to your responsibility of your action and accepting with love and compassion.