Arthritic Left Big Toe

Steve wants to find out what is his life purpose and hoping to receive the answer through the QHHT session.

Now that he has reached to the top of the ladder in a corporate world and there is no more left to climb, wondering where to go next.  he has been told by others that he is successful, everybody tells him that they envy him, yet he feels total void within.  Also, he notices more gray hair coming; some more wrinkles; he feels urgent need to find that out before it is too late.

He said to me, “What is it that I am seeking?  Why am I feeling so unfulfilled”.  You guessed it good.  My answer to him was, “Let’s ask to your Higher Self (HS)”.  He grinned.

His HS showed an opulent past life.  Being born as a prince, he had lavish lifestyle; wore top of the world fashion; satisfied his palate with out-of-worldly cuisines. He spent days with dancing and singing.  Still, bored to tears; he ordered his people to build monuments to show off his power, and to fill the void he had been feeling, and he did not know any better.

Nobody came to him asking what they wanted from him.  People and his subjects were scared of him.  He was unapproachable, self-centered, and selfish.  In the world where people were scared of authority, such a high prince, now king he became, not a single soul dared to ask.  Steve had no friends.  His subjects did only one thing: obey.  His close confidants were all busy protecting their own status and power, brown-nosing him crazy.

One day when he was out walking in the garden; suddenly he felt a big whack on his back; tripped forward; fell face down to the ground; dead.

His subjects killed him.  They could not tolerate any more to those silly monuments that the king had been ordering to build, and wasting all state treasury while people were hungry, and sick.

Looking back, he wasted his life as a king.  His Higher Self (HS) said he could have asked people what they wanted.  But those things never even occurred to him that he needed to do that as a king.  He thought people were doing all right, what could he do for those people, he surmised.

His behavior was not that unique in the human history that it has been repeated over and over again everywhere.  Power is very sweet, hardly can get out of it once you get caught in its snare, his HS said.  His HS continued and saying that we are given discrimination power within us to discern what is right, and wrong.

One of the Steve’s physical complaints was that he has arthritis on his left big toe, been bothered by it for a long while.  His HS said that toe issue came from the past life when tripped forward by wacked on the back, his left big toe got broken.  Thus, for a reminder for him, he has been carrying that discomfort from the past life.  The reminder is: “Don’t be like that jerk”.

His HS said they started healing for that toe and asked him also to contribute healing by picturing the healing energy to it.  The HS told him really get in there, send the powerful energy to the toe, all will be fine.  This was an exercise for him to discover the joy of healing; understands why he has this discomfort; how to heal; to realize his own power.

In the past life, in spite of having everything, he did not do anything for helping his people as a king.  He was not connecting with people, nor understanding the feeling what people were going through.

In this life, to make up things that he did not do in the past life, he needs to make the personal connection with people, show his kindness.  See what he can offer for them once he finds out what they need.

With open and compassionate heart, pause and listen to people whoever comes across to his life is his current life purpose.