A Reluctant Higher Self

Chang is in his 50s and has a successful career and happy marriage.  Life is generally fine he feels, but some of his body parts are not fine with him.  Responsible position at work and long hours of dedication certainly contributed him with stress, no doubt.  No matter how insignificant of any job it may seem, stress is prevalent in today’s world.  Such fast-paced change of technology and life style, everyone is in a rush to go ahead, or just to keep up with it give ample adrenaline rush.

His main physical discomforts are prostate enlargement and gall bladder inflammation.  His prostate has become enlarged, which makes his walking quite uncomfortable and awkward.  Also gall bladder issue has become such; his medical doctor told him that it has to be removed, otherwise his liver will get affected as well.  His desire is to obtain healing, of course not losing his organ at all if possible.  He hopes contacting his Higher Self (HS) and asks for healing would be greatly appreciated: his main reason came to see me.

This session shows how all Higher Selves are different in their healing approaches and their views in human bodies.  Usually we expect them rush to help us, and get rid of any difficulties that we have, not so as you will find soon.

Finding the “why” is the most important first step to achieve any healing.  Once we understand the “why”, then we can find the “how” and “what” to solve the issues.  So, I asked his HS the “why”, which is the origin of this prostate enlargement.

HS      He works too much and too fast.

Soo     I know he has been working a lot, but what are you trying to tell him?

HS      We‘ve been trying to tell him to slow down.

Soo     Slow down? How?

HS      He plans to do too many projects to build, modify, improve in such fast pace, his body is having difficulty to keep up with.  He has to learn to rest and slow down.  Life is not all about doing so many projects.

Soo     You wanted to give him message to slow down in that way?

HS      Yes, because his walking is uncomfortable, he will have to slow down in his walk that eventually will make him slow things.

Soo     Good plan!  Now that he received your message and understood, could you repair his prostate to normal size?

HS      He can live with it as it is.

Soo     What do you mean?  You mean, is it OK for him to suffer like that?

HS      We can reduce a little.

Soo     When you reduce a little, why not reduce it all the way to the normal size now?

HS      We are working on it.

While the HS was working on it, I asked if it was OK to explain to him how the HS was healing, and the HS explained.

HS      We are normalizing the hormone, now it is shrinking to the normal size.

Soo     Are they now all to the normal size and functioning correctly?

HS      Yes.

Soo     Thank you so much for helping him, he will really appreciate your help.

Once his prostate has been healed, I asked the gall bladder inflammation to the HS.

Soo     What were you trying to tell him with the inflammation?

HS      Eat slow and don’t eat when he is in stress.

Soo    I remember him telling me that he ate fast and left the table in a hurry at many stressful situations.

HS      In stress, he just gulped down the food and got angry for the situation.  Gall bladder got all angry at him doing that and it is showing him by inflammation.

Soo     Then, could you relieve the inflammation for him?

HS      It is too far gone.  It has to be removed, no other way.

Soo     I beg your pardon?!  He has to lose the organ?

HS      Yes.

Soo     You are his Higher Self.  You can eliminate the inflammation and make the organ normal.

HS      It is too late, we cannot do it.

Soo     There is no such thing like you can’t do it!  Higher Self can do anything.  Nothing is impossible!

HS      We are working on it.

So, they eliminated all inflammation, and his gall bladder also got saved and that will result no more stomach cramping since bile from gall bladder flow normalize helping digesting fat.

I asked the HS how they healed it.  They explained; they healed it with bright white light to eliminate the inflammation.

When I informed the client that his gall bladder was saved, he was elated!