Wing Scouts

Dwayne found himself walking on a dirty gravel road wearing baggy brown pants with green shirt.  When looking down he wore brown boots with growing wings which enabled him flying out anywhere on his command.  In his black backpack, he had a few birds that he protected them from.  Of course, sea captain hat on his head was necessary part of his outfit as well.  When he touched his face, noticeably he wore some facial hair and felt somewhat old, maybe he was a wise old man.

He was just coming back from one mission in the tropical land to teach people how to make furniture, use tools, to cultivate crops.  He has been traveling all over the world and galaxies.  Boot wings when not in traveling, they fold back into boots like a magic.  It takes him anywhere he needs to travel.  He got it from his mentor, another wise man, when he passed away, he gave it to Dwayne.  What an honor!

His main assignments are to learn from many wise beings, to connect with other wise beings, to collect information on about the Universe and to teach people with the information of the truth.  Because there are beings try to control other beings, he needs to go in and protect them, let them know they are not powerless, teach them how to embrace their own power so that they are in control of their lives. 

I asked Dwayne to give me some examples of his work.

D           For example, there is a family of woman, man and their daughter working very hard for a leader of the village, in fact whole town people are working for the leader.  This leader makes the town people believe to work so hard and otherwise they would perish.  So, I teach town people they can also become abundant.  I tell everyone in the village, they can be abundant as well.  They don’t have to be the way they are.  The way to become abundant, simply ask the light when they plant the seed, look to the sky, ask for blessing of light to grow their food abundantly.  So that children and parents have plenty of time to play, and laugh.  I go around all different places, where I see people get cheated their income, and things, or over taxed for protecting something they need not protect.  I see there are lots of dishonesty everywhere.

S            You have been doing that all these times?

D           Yes, I have done this so long, I feel it is time to pass my wing boots to somebody else. I am looking for a strong young man in late 20s to early 30s, who has pure heart.  I keep an eye open to that person. 

S            Have you had any luck in finding one?

D           Yes, I found one young man in my vision, and went to meet him in person.  He is tall, has wavy brown hair, and wearing Greek clothing.  We recognized instantly.  He is curious, runs to me and I know he is wise.  I tell him lots of truth, and he is very excited to be mentored by me.  I teach him how to spot the dishonest ones who take advantage of people.  He is very excited to move forward.  He is sad because he lost family and alone.  But I let him know that this actually works for his favor for a reason where there is no attachment to one family and one place.  Since he likes nomadic life, that’s even better quality to be suitable for this type of work.  I gave him my boots to try.  In the beginning it was not going very well.  He needed to trust his mind, since boots being operated by his mind.  He understood and eventually he got a hang of it.

S            So what do you teach him?

D           I teach how to spot the patterns.  When we go in the village, spot the patterns, see auras in abused people.  what to ask of being taken advantage of.  People will explain what the truth is, we find it otherwise.  Look for muddy lime green auras, they are the ones of being taken advantage of.  Taupe, the muddy gray color is the bully, the ones taking advantage.  We have to be careful not get caught by these taupe ones in order for our mission to accomplish.

D           Bad guys don’t go willingly, actually they need to be vanished, vanish with loving compassion with firmness.  With love, not with resentment, nor retaliation.  Once we inform the taupe ones to the bounty hunters, they come bound these taupe ones in light. We are not the one to do the physical with taupe ones.  Bounty hunters come in blinding light on vehicles much like motor cycles and they bound the bad guys with light which is almost like poison to immobilize them.  Bounty hunters bring the taupe ones to rehab centre to incarcerate and to get them rehabilitated in villages where old wise cultures that will inform in light and train them in ways of powers of Universe, using loving energy.

D           Eventually, all get rehab, and they all become 100% successfully rehabbed and they get sent to different villages.  They have different jobs, some have manual labor, they mentor young men how to do manual labor, plant the seed the power of doing good things.  They are just mentoring how to grow crops, work with metals with the power of the Universe. That makes everything powerful.  It does not matter what you do, you do that with the power of light.  Even taupe ones were also mentored by their family, they were learning from their elders, they were innocent. 

D           The light multiplies, gets bigger, food tastes better, crop grows bigger, this wave is beautiful.  This wave of energy that goes with the light, they cannot see, but they feel.  It makes them laugh and happy, almost childlike euphoria.  It becomes just fun, not work.  Wave of light, where everything is perfect.

S            Beautiful!  Now what else is happening?

D           My student, George comes with me while I am wearing the boots.  We just appear at a new village.  Testing him.  He has been great, keen learner, slow with the wing boots though.  Interviewing people, assessing auras, go to midwestern town, walking along, the student says what he sees. People who are not being taken advantage of, they have vivid, intense, strong aura of red, blue, yellow, oranges, forest green.  Easy to pick lime greens.  He is checking everyone’s aura.  We do not necessary to talk with vibrant auras, but sometimes talk to them to get some information.  George sees somebody with lime greens, he interviews this guy, really far gone, his farther, and many generations before him got taken advantage in business.  We tell him the truth, and they tell us what’s going on, where those taupe ones come from.  His family been milking the other one.  One family against another.  I have to review the rules with my student.  I let him know that our job is to identify them and call the bounty hunters. 

D           Three or four bounty hunters come for one taupe person, if more than one, more bounty hunters come.  We cannot see them.  They have bony face, almost like Martian in blinding white light.  We can hear the revving sound of motor cycles and they come very quickly, swooping down, take them in bondage and take them to rehab centre to be taught by evolved elders.  Our job is to find taupe ones, either retrain the whole village, or the lime green ones. Keeping stability in the Universe, it is a full-time job.

D           These evolved beings are in the very specific place all over this planets, or other planets.  They come together group of evolved beings of light.  It is in their best interest to evolve them, so that they invigorate others.  Victims don’t have the power.  This reinvigoration brings their vibrant aura, and sometimes they stand for change to recreating the pattern of victimhood. 

D           They used to be bitten down, learned helplessness, used to be taken advantages of, put down, crops being stolen by, and theirs were very little left.  As part of reinvigoration, they need to retaught or taught, stand in their own power and in the light.  They reach to the stage to forget what is like being a victim, and completely release from that.

D           It has been an honor, real honor.  Will carry on, this work is too important. I gathered so much truth and information.  I will have to mentor my student more so that he gets his own boots.

S            Please tell me what happened when George got his boots.

D           Finally George got his boots!  He got introduced to elders in the rehab place.  They initiated him, so that he gets his own boots.  They get it from elders who are one of rehab centre where it brings wisdom and light.  Elders know most of the secrets of the Universe.  Feeling proud, George is beaming ear to ear.  Now I am relieved knowing one more being is doing the scouting out the bad ones, and the victims.  So many planets, Universes, there needs to be more scouts.

S            So what was it like your last day of that life as wing scout?

D           Job well done, time to leave and I am surrounded by the all the other wing scouts whom I mentored, and others are saluting me. It truly is an honor.  Nobody is crying, they are displaying honor to work with me, being mentored by me.  I see somebody is running to the front wanting my boots, beaming and excited.  He is a real keener.  He will do well.

This was Dwayne’s past life he had some 3000 years ago.  Now fully knowing what kind of power and understanding he has through reexperiencing the wing scout life, he will no more be under anxiety, depression and doubt that he has been.  He understands clearly what is his life purpose.  Dwayne is charged with enthusiasm and confidence moving forward in this current life.