Too Greedy

“Too lonely” she wrote to me.  She wanted to know why she’s been feeling so alone in this world.  With that one simple question, she booked a session. 

A tall, beautiful woman walked into my place on high heels.  It was noticeable her being on high heels, because it was right in the middle of cold winter. Usually people wear winter boots with heel or not. A strong sense of exquisite femininity permeated from her entire being.  She gave me a big hug; a loving gentle feeling was there in her hug. 

While Monique was talking about her experience with her family, friends and relationship with guys, the main theme throughout has been a lack of love.  She gave much love to others, yet nothing she received.  Very early on she knew she was a female though born as a male.  Her family sensed the difference in her, her religion regarded that as a sin which made her feel shameful so she profusely prayed to God to forgive her sin and heal her.

In the trance, her Higher Self (HS) showed no past life of human, but only some experience as energy being.  We found out later through her HS that she had no human life therefore there was no human life to review; and this current life is the first time on the Earth, probably will be the last one for her.

She was an energy being on Sirius A worked as an energy healer and still she goes there every night as her true self.  She volunteered this life to help and to have human experience.  One of the extremes was to go through operation of removing the male organ out of her body, and create the female organ.  Because that, there was much trauma she experienced.  Obviously, our human technology is not here yet really making that transition as smooth as would like it to be.

Soo       She was too greedy.

HS         (Big smile).  Yes, this life she wanted to learn human life as hard as possible, two lives together, man and woman.  She will be very busy, learn lot of things in this life.  It will help her consciousness to evolve quickly to come back to Me, the Source. 

Usually people take one gender, go through life but in her case, in one life she wants to experience what is like being as a male and female.  In spirit side, all things appear so easy; it looks only a blink of an eye for a huge lesson we can learn; naturally easy to add assignments piling up on the plate.  All in one-shot kind of plan.  Sometimes we get too ambitious, it is so easy to get carried away.

Soo       She feels so much anger, frustration, depression, lack of confidence and fear.  Could you tell her why?

HS         It is all because she doesn’t know what the human conditions are, no knowledge to cope with them.  Nothing wrong with her.  Simply that; lack of human experience.  We ask her do lot of detox.  Be it water fast, fruit fast, do more cleansing.  Right now, she has too much toxins in her body.  Eat more uncooked vegetables and fruits; avoid meat; chicken is fine if she wants. 

Soo       She wants to do astral projection, could you show her how to?

HS         Pineal gland relates to astral projections.  There are toxins in and around her pineal gland, she does astral projection but she cannot retain memory.  Once it is all cleaned from toxins, she will be able to retain memory of astral projections.  So detoxing is priority for her.

Soo       You talk about her being energy healer at the Sirius, so what could you suggest for her to do here?

HS         She is wise, good person, and has lot of knowledge.  She is a healer.  She will heal human, anyone.  Soon her superpower will be activated.  Do healing as she desires.

Soo       So when do you see her power being activated?

HS         Soon, as soon as toxins in her body be removed, she will feel the energy.  She is like modem, connecting her with Us and bring the energy to the Earth. 

Soo       Wow!  That is so cool!