A Star Seed

Handling so many tumultuous human relationships, Sam feels totally worn out of living.  Throughout his life, he has been a loving husband, good father to his children and an excellent contributor for his employer where he dedicated his talents, time and care to.  What went wrong, he asked to himself, for everything went to all other directions that he never even planned, nor expected to arrive to.

His entire family member has some sort of mental health issue.  If not bipolar, they have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  He has been the glue to all his family, have tried to cater healthy and happy life to them.  Not only worn out, he totally feels he does not belong to this world.  He has been feeling that since little that he is in the wrong place.  His inner feeling told him that he was from some other star.  Though he has tried to work in, do the right thing the society wants or expects him to do, but feeling like he never can fit a circle in a square box.

Sam slipped into the trance easily and deeply.  His Higher Self (HS) showed a life in Atlantis, where he was a young female priestess and a healer.  She wore a special headband with a large circled crystal falls onto her third eye area to protect it, the sign of distinguished achievement of knowledge, which was bestowed by her masters.  Purifying her heart and in deep meditation to connect with the Source, her heart was ready to help others.  Only helping others was her desire and she did.

One day, she comfortably sat on top of the mountain in deep meditation, soaking up the warm sunlight and completely absorbed in love, joy and happiness.  All of a sudden, the golden sun was replaced by the dark clouds, multiple beautiful colors of nature turned into black and she left the world.

The end of the Atlantis came upon, where humans were at the peak of indulging the pleasure of ego.  They gave in the unquenchable desire of power.  For that, a beautiful Atlantis was no more.

The life of Atlantis was shown to him the true nature of him: love.  More revealing information was brought out through his HS.

Before the life of Atlantis, he came from Arcturus, a planet in another galaxy, where only pure love resides.  His HS told him that he only lived on the Earth twice, this current life being the second, and the first was at Atlantis.

He wanted to help others on the planet Earth.  In order to do that,  first he needed to experience all the difficulties:  betrayal, doubt, fear, mistrust, bodily sickness, mental health issue, and you name whatever difficulties we all human go through.

He was also gently reminded a few times during this current life, that his home planet beings, Arcturus, has always been present with him.  One night when they visited him, inserted implants into him to help him to raise his vibration up and to protect him.  He screamed murder to them, scared of them, for he forgot them.  Since he agreed to  become a human, he had to observe the rule to “forget” everything from being Arcturus, the knowledge and the Source.  The veil came down, amnesia set in to him.  He became one of us, no memory of who he is.

With the session of QHHT, his memory has been resurfaced so that he remembers who he was, why he is here, and what he has to do in this life.

Along with his memory being refreshed, some of his physical issues were addressed, healed, and even got a promise from his HS that those discomforts would never return!

He was quite delighted that his body received healing and actually he felt altogether.  When I went over what has been said and done during the trance, he was examining his  body and said, “yeah, it feels good, no pain”.  I saw the satisfying grin on his face.

He was fully rejuvenated and I was as happy as he was that all things are going to work out for him.