Never Again

The following session story is a very familiar case what I have noticed happening frequently throughout the human history and in my practice as well.  Why this case to my care often with QHHT recently?  I gave some time to have my quietness to gain better understanding.  Obvious answer was to address again for the benefit of others.  People need to read again to remind them what not to repeat.  Repetition is the key to solidify the understanding.  So here goes the case story.

A fine young lady came seeking for an insight.  She needed a clarity of her confusion about a man whom she loves.  Let’s give her a name: Terry.  She has been thinking that she has loved this man for several years, whose interest went to male partners.  She has been aware for some time, that his interest left from her totally.  Surely, her logical mind told her to end the relationship would be the answer, but her emotion still strongly ties to this man blurred her discrimination power.

They have not had any intimate relationship a long while now.  Her tears freely flowed while she spoke of him, and her story to me.  She kept saying why he is like that.  That was the perfect loop that caught her in forever to bring no solution.  Deep down she knew why, but her attachment was in the way.  To me her dilemma was crystal clear who listens her story.

After looking after all of her other questions, Terry relaxed herself to go under a deep relaxation to receive healing and answers.  She went easily into the deep trance.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed a past life as the following:

In a past life, she was a fisherman.  While he worked under the water to catch fish with his harpoon, he was beaming with joy.  What kept him in this beautiful feeling was that he loved a girl who loved him back.  Life was beautiful.  Blue ocean, plenty of fish, beautiful breeze, and a lovely young woman he loved.  What more could he ask for, he was saying to himself.  He dreamt a life with her, living a wonderful life and his imagination spread wings:  feeling the joy of living in a simple but beautiful home, smell wife’s cooking, hear his children’s laughing and playing happily.

When he asked for her hands for marriage, her father gave him an ultimatum that he could not marry her, for he was an only poor fisherman, not a rich noble.  His world collapsed!  Eventually he married someone else, whom he could not even care for.  The marriage was utterly unhappy for him.  Since then, he shut himself down from any joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Now old and his time came to pass, finding himself in the spirit side, looking back his life, he could not help but feeling sorry for himself, wondering what that life was all about, save sadness and unhappiness.  Mind you Terry shed bucketful of tears from sadness during the life review from the day he received the refusal to marry that lady.

But he realized something else while looking back to that life, which never dawned on him prior.  He not only was unhappy, but also, he made another person miserable because of how he treated the person:  his wife in that life.  Consider, what it was like being unloved, knowing her husband’s heart  was with someone else.  They had a boy in that life.  What about the emotional damage to that boy growing up in arid atmosphere of no love.  The boy would need to work out his own emotional issues as well.  The cycle continued.  

He learned and resolved “Never Again” to marry anyone whom he does not love!  He promised himself never to repeat.

Okay, here in this current life, Terry was about to make the same mistake.  Not only making herself miserable first, but also her partner, and her children if they create some.  Her HS showed what she should do and reminded her resolution she made in the past life.

Terry realized after the session, the man she attached her emotion to now has to be released from her heart, and free herself from it.  No reason to repeat the same unhappiness, she was talking to me.   

Terry needs time to make a decision and the sooner she decides to leave the current dysfunctional relationship, the better her life will be moving forward to a happier state.

Time and time again, I am amazed how brilliant people’s Higher Self!  They  know exactly what people need to reexperience.  They even bring any lives that they have lived from several million years ago somewhere in the universe, if that is applicable to their current life issue.  You cannot argue with their logic.  They are so wise.