Just Do

Standing on deep brown sand and Uman is looking up pinkish green sky, he is seeing many little floating balls in the sky circling around him.  A whole lot of them.  Wondering what are they and feeling excited somewhat. 

By my asking him looking down his feet, and describe them to me what he has on, his face creases a bit and saying:

U         I have claws!

S          What do they look like to you?

U         They are peach color, and dirty claws.

S          Tell me how your body looks to you?

U         It is skinny and I am not wearing anything on it.  I have two (2) long arms and fingers are like claws as same as my feet.

S          Tell me more about your body.

U         I have four (4) eyes, no mouth, no ears and I think I have a hole for nose. And I have a square face.

S          How do you hear?

U         I hear feeling.

S          How do you breathe?

U         I breathe energy.  Simply get more energy.

S          Do you feel you are a male or female?

U         No gender. 

So, more questions and answers continued.

He is a robot, somewhat worn out he feels at the moment.  He is carrying metals or elements on its back and upload them to the spaceship when they come and get the materials.  There are a whole bunch of them doing the same job.  They all look similar, they are “robotics people” according to Uman.  His people need metals for building more spaceships or structures.

The spaceships are cargo ships carrying metals from the work place where Uman and other robotic people work and carry them once the day job finishes to the resting place.

Inside the cargo ship, three (3) different races work side by side.  One kind has such a huge head and a small body, wondering how it carries its own head!  The other one is tiny, wearing nothing on the body.  Another has red, and bronze shinny body.  All work together harmoniously for the same goal.  There are quarters and they can hang out.  None of them eat nor sleep, just resting which is the equivalent of sleep for human. 

When night comes, they all go to their quarters, resting on standing.  Then the day breaks; they; the robotic people go out to the same place; do the same job.

One day, Uman finds white flashes swooshing by in his eyes.  Knowing tells him that he is malfunctioning, feels weird, not able to move his body and limbs.  He cannot see anything, but white flashes.  Nobody cares about him; nobody has any feeling for him.  He knows he is going to end.

Now it is all black.  He is no more.

This was the life of Uman, hundred million years ago as a robot in Andromeda galaxy.  His main job was to collect metals to build more spaceships for his creators.

His Higher Self showed this life to him “just do” like a robot.  In this current life, he is a man of many thoughts.  His brain has been busy analyzing what people say, why they say, what are their intentions and so on.  Bombarded by so many information, he uses  weeds and sweets to relax his nerves.  His Higher Self recommended him to wean them out to rid of it all together for good.  Since they are health hazards to him, his HS said.

His HS continued: “You have a task, just do.  Do not overthink on everything.  Stop worrying.  Life can be simple like a robot”.