A Star Traveler

From the moment when Taku laid down on the bed, his body started in a motion of something. Barely a few minutes into the relaxing words that I used for him to totally relax and ready to visit a past life, Archangel Metatron announced himself that he is “here to help Taku and I am his Higher Self (HS)!”.

So, I asked Metatron that; can he answer and heal all of Taku’s requests, he said “Yeah sure, carry on”.

Soo        Why he has so many bumps on his lymph nodes?

During the interview time, when he complained of so many painful bumps on his body. I did check ones on his head with my hands, just to find out how it felt like. Indeed, they were hard and quite big enough to feel. Taku had to leave his work because some of those bumps really got big; it even interfered to his walk for work as well; too young only in 20’s to have so severe disease. With his diet, he reduced them to the manageable size recently he said.

HS         Why lymph nodes? All the drainage for toxins, if we place where he could notice to a degree so severe, he knew he could have died if he did not fix them. Pain was necessary, he wanted to know what it is like.
Soo       He asked for it?
HS         It is his first time on the Earth. He wanted to feel what is like being a human. Human body and mind are foreign to his soul. He asked to feel what is like to know to be a victim and a perpetrator. What it feels like to be compassionate and have empathy. He lacked the human feeling.

Then Taku started crying.
Soo        So you feel like crying?
Taku      Yes, I need to purge with tears!
Soo        Sure, let it all out.

He howled, cried to his heart’s content. It was short, intense and loud! Then Taku said it was “good for now”. I did encourage to purge more but he sure said it was “OK now”.

Soo        Metatron, please continue explaining.
HS          Him being first time here, he kept feeling pain, but could not feel grounded.
Soo        How can he ground himself?
HS          He needs to eat meat for grounding.
Soo       What kind of meat, do you suggest him to take?
HS          Venison, elk, the sweet meat. About 20% of his diet should be meat and the rest, vegetables.
Soo       Why he needs to be grounded. Are we not all grounded?
HS          His energy is too light, too high for the pain.
Soo        You said it is his first time being on the Earth, where has he been?
HS          He is from stars.
Soo       Stars? Which one?
HS         All of them. He is a traveler. He doesn’t have a home. He is a star man.
Soo       What has he been doing while roaming around?
HS         All sorts of trouble shooting, singing and dancing.
Soo       What kind of trouble shooting?
HS         Technology trouble shooting; and doing healing and teaching.
Soo       So then why is he here?

I was thinking to ask to the HS if he was a “volunteer”, before I even mentioned, Metatron uttered.

HS         He is not a volunteer. He did not want to come. He got asked and reluctantly came.
Soo       What is his purpose?
HS         He only came in last year. We had many troubles for him to enter.
Soo       Please elaborate.
HS         He is a walk-in. The energy of the host body was way too dysfunctional for the coming energy, after several attempts we only made it last year.
Soo      So the experience of being bullied when he was in teen was really an imprint.
HS        That’s right, that is a memory of a memory. Imprints connected to other people’s lives, so that he can identity other problems.
Soo       Now that he’s got all memories of memory, what is he going to accomplish in this life?
HS        To heal the Earth from inside out, down to deep, deep to ancient civilizations.
Soo      Which one?
HS        So many of civilizations there are. It is very subtle. Beings don’t want them to be known. He will harness the energy from all stars, heal the Earth.
Soo      Wow that sounds so huge! A whole lot of work is ahead of him.
HS        Oh it won’t be a huge work for him. He is a trouble shooter and with this sacred healing done now, within a few weeks, he be ready to fly on a surfboard!

Mind you, the movements and sounds of healing done by Metatron only ceased with one big long exhale when I thanked and said good bye to Metatron. It was a non-stop wild healing ride!

With Taku’s endeavor, we who live on the Earth are truly blessed being able to enjoy beauty and bounty! Thank you Taku!