The way I understand of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is, it is an autoimmune disease that our body’s immune system attacks our thyroid. This is a friendly fire!

Connie has experienced all those common symptoms of underactive thyroid gland: fatigue, feeling cold, regularity has been compromised, losing hair, gaining weight, piercing high pitch ear noises (different from frequency rising so many people are experiencing nowadays), and because all that she has been depressed for a long while as well.

She also has compromised immune system from birth and has been susceptible to virus. Chronic tonsils, and chronic headaches are her common companion to deal with from early on.

Her understanding of having Hashimoto’s is that she’s having Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) which affects her thyroid, and recently she found eating raw vegetables helping her condition.

When I saw her, her hands were all red, swollen; skins were brittle, ready to be peeled off or looking raw as if it has just been healed. Itching drove her scratching so much so even during the night, she does not remember when she ever had any good sleep. As a result, she has been always feeling tired and sleepy.

According to what information available nowadays, the EBV stays in the body and dormant for a long while. Then it may develop later in life. Which made perfect sense for Connie; because it occurred in her 30s when she had the first child; then she noticed her body went like a wild fire with this virus eruption all over her body.

It is always best to find out the core reason of the disease and obtain healing from the Higher Self (HS) of a client.

Soo        How in the beginning, Connie acquired this Epstein-Barr virus?
HS          Virus came from her mom. Those days of her mom’s time, people used DDT regularly for insecticide, even children played with the mist of the chemicals. They did not know what it did to their bodies. It has damaged water, soil, air and all the nature. These evil toxins passed on to the baby. Connie was born with toxic liver.
Soo        So mom carried this toxin in her body and transferred to her baby without her knowing?
HS          Yes. This virus cannot survive if she is not fed by family and society dysfunction.
Soo        Please explain.
HS          As we have shown in her past life, it is the same energy what society has been observed: oppressive, mass consciousness of just taking in what there is, seemingly unchangeable and repeated pattern of negative forces. Same energy and pattern are in this case happening inside of her. We showed how relevant the society was with her past life experience. Once she recognizes the dysfunction; correct it, detach from its vibration; she can eliminate this virus.
Soo        How to rise above the society?
HS          Just realizing how to, as in the past life shown; she was given a blue print already how to. The virus cannot survive if she does not feed it anymore. Even though she has been trying to heal herself physically but energetically she was still feeding it.
Soo        Why this virus all erupted at the time of pregnancy and her baby’s birth?
HS          Her body carried extra burden from growing a baby. Therefore, her liver got overloaded with too much toxin and it only had to excrete as much as it can in order to keep the balance.
Soo        Now that she understands, could you eliminate this evil virus from her system?
HS          Yes, we are working on it.
Soo        Could you explain what you are doing while you are healing her?
HS          With pulsation of energy, we are erasing burden: the burden of chain of society; a long line of life experience. We have just erased. No more virus!
Soo        What would she experience after your healing work?
HS          She will experience a huge increase of spiritual and mental clarity; physical strength and stamina. She will be able to breathe much deeper. She will have youthing experience. All her cells are becoming younger.
Soo        Wow! That is so wonderful! So, all her hands and arms are also looked after?
HS          Itchy skin eruption, all toxins were eliminated. We opened and closed all black holes throughout her body; allowed toxins to escape. These black holes are on each energy points. We have to keep the timing correct in order to efficiently operate.
Soo        Why, may I ask these red swollen itches concentrated on hands and arms?
HS          Safe way is through arms and hands. If these toxins pass through colon and urethra; they will burn the organs. Hands can regenerate faster.
Soo        So now that you healed that issue, what would be the effects she would notice or feel?
HS          Itching, and burning will disappear; skin will heal. Inflammation will diminish. It will take 2-3 days, and gradually will improve. Not only liver clears; through her many layers of dermas will also clear.
Soo        In order to eliminate toxins faster, what would you suggest her to take?
HS          Drink more water to hydrate.

When she was brought up to full conscious state, she explained how it felt like when her HS was healing: “Just like laying on a big copy machine, being copied”. When pulsating energy passed through her body from top to bottom, she felt it was likened as a copy machine copied through; a good analogy using our modern-day office tool.

I went over what were the answers for her questions and healings done while we drank tea and had some snack to anchor her down to current life, because she just had a time travel to the past and back.

She had a few bites into it and she looked at me with wide eyes as if she just realized something big and said: “You know what Soo, all itching is gone and there is no more piercing ear noise!”.



Thank you, the Higher Self!