The Sound of the Universe

Sound is the vibration, something we can feel very deeply.  Depending on what kind of sound, it has the quality to make us feel happy, sad, uplifted or anything you are able to feel.  For example, we find our chests swell up with power and enthusiasm when hearing a marching band, feeling uplifted by lofty music, or get frightened by horrifying sounds.

Through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), I have had opportunities asking clients when they viewed their past lives for recognition of people who were in the past life scenes. The Higherself (HS) of a client said:

HS      When you ask to your client if they recognize anyone in this current life, they recognize them by the vibration of the person, not the face, nor clothes.

Soo     There are several kinds of vibration, I believe?

HS      Correct, sound has the frequency people can remember easier.  For instance, music.  Beautiful music people respond better.

Indeed, every Christmas we get to watch the movie, “The Sound of Music” and enjoy beautiful songs and watch happy children singing.  Also, we find ourselves humming Do, Re, Me, with seven children and our minds are stepping up and down the stairs with them.

In the session, the HS was describing how beautiful the sound of the universe by describing: 

HS      Vibrations going through each planet, each star, each galaxy, each Milky Way.  I see its movements like waves, as each reaches its destination, and color changes.  Oh, it is so beautiful…

Soo     And tones?

HS      Yes, beautiful tones too.

Soo     I know you hear and see, but I don’t.  Could you share the beauty with us?

So here HS is sharing the sounds with us.

And here is an arrangement, “The Sound of the Universe 2”, made by musician Mayank Tripathi solely using the few tones from the HS sang,