Blushing Red

Sean has fair skin and while he spoke on something I noticed that his face blushed red from neck up!  Very curious, isn’t it?  When I mentioned that to him, he acknowledged that his face turns red when exerting, shy, or embarrassed.  He was intrigued as well, so we decided to ask to his Higher Self (HS).

His HS said the reason as the following:

This is from his ancestral fear:  The fear of being seen.  I asked his HS that while he was afraid of being seen, his face became red, people noticed him more.  I found that was quite humorous and his HS agreed by saying “the irony is rich”.  Indeed.

Back many lives ago, his ancestors were Druids, medicine people, healers, Irish Shaman.  They were feared when catholic church came in and were not suppressed by the church.  The church did not like Druids.   The church wanted everyone embraced the belief, unless they became one, they killed them. 

His ancestors even kept guns to protect themselves, and they were afraid of being killed for their belief.  They used hood to cover them extensively.

He carried that fear in him, prevented him from enjoying life fully.  Now in this current life, do they need to keep guns to protect for their belief, hiding, creating red face?   Certainly not, his HS agreed and willingly removed it from him.   Also promised for him his red face phenomena will never return.  With a big sigh, his body let me know that the healing was completed.

I asked his HS how they removed it:  HS told him while looking at the red face, that it no longer needed it.  And asked him to stand in his power.  So, I asked his HS to let him know how to stand in his power and teach him.  The HS said:  pull your shoulder back, head up, eyes forward, chest out, legs spread apart.   Allow joy of present moment, allowing in all experiences .

The HS further informed Sean, that this healing will open up to a lot of new relationships, opportunities, financial abundance, and deep ancestral healing.