An Unbearable Loss

Ellen was diagnosed having fibromyalgia about a year ago from her doctor. Since then she had been searching for alternative ways of healing instead of taking pills, which caused her some side effects that she did not enjoy.

She came in with puffed face, all swollen joints, stiff neck and shoulder, and experiencing pain all over her body. At the peak of her career and in a deep loving relationship with a man she dearly loves, this pain really did not serve her well. She noticed several years ago, her body started aching from one part, then another, then all over and the pain finally got her full attention. While she talked about her life, I could not help but noticed that she kept shedding tears and was blowing nose for all that hours. Feeling of sadness was overpowering her, which she did not know why, but she said she “just feel sad”.

The first scene where she landed in a past life, she found herself as a healthy young woman standing on green grass wearing an apron, holding a bucket of water in her hand, wearing dark shoes, farmer’s clothes, and a cap on her head. She raised chicken, pigs and growing vegetables. The house was a small hut where she lived alone, cooked with fire, and ate simple foods such as bread, eggs, chicken and vegetables.

After dinner, she enjoyed knitting her blankets and the feeling of peace while knitting gave her tranquility. It was the best time of the day. People from town came to her to trade their wool for her eggs. Wool was the only item she traded. Her outing to town was not often, not only she was busy tending her farm, but also, she felt all her needs were met through her farm products, what she called it, self-sufficient.

Not because she did not want any male partner, simply in that life no man came into her life. The only male visit to her farm was a repairman for her farm equipment. With him, she felt safe like a good brother. No further relationship developed with that man.

Then an occasion occurred when she had to leave the farm, leaving everything behind which she had ever loved. With such a sorrow in her heart, tears flowing down her cheeks, she had to find another place to live. After many days of walking for a long distance and crying, finally she found a place near a lake and settled. She had to build a hut with stones and woods all by herself. It was very hard work, but she did it. There was no one near the lake, and she ate fish that she caught from the lake.

Settled all right at a new place, but the sorrow of losing that farm etched in her heart, there was not a day when she did not shed tears of sadness. Her last day of that life, she felt alone, very lonely, and worn out of living, but not from sickness, readily left. Her purpose and goal of that life were to learn independence, and you can do it yourself attitude, which she learned it very well.

And the time came to meet her Higher Self (HS) to address her physical discomfort of fibromyalgia. I asked the HS why she was having that symptom

HS         Fibromyalgia is created for fear of losing her present partner. The strong emotion came from losing important thing in the past life which we showed it to her, and she is afraid to repeat that loss again.
Soo       I’ve noticed she cried a whole lot during our interview.
HS         Her crying spell is also stemmed from sadness of the past life hurt of losing that farm. She cried a lot in that life and her crying is continuing to this current life.
Soo       But I remember she started feeling pain after some years after meeting her present partner, but not experienced while with another partner.
HS         Her love to this present partner is special.
Soo       Have they had any past life relationship before?
HS         No, this is their first.
Soo       What is their assignment of relationship? Why is it so special?
HS         They are here to help and love each other.
Soo       Then are you saying they planned that way before they came to this life?
HS         Correct.
Soo       Now we know the reason why she got this discomfort, what would you suggest best for her?
HS         It is about time to stop feeling that sadness. She suffered needlessly.
Soo       And?
HS         We are going to heal her.
Soo       Oh, thank you! Please do!

During the time of healing, the HS explained they were healing her with blue, white, and orange light through her entire body from top of the head to down to the toes. They took all sadness, tears, worries, and negative memories from every cell of her body, and threw them to the Sun to burn them to ashes for good. And they replaced all cells with hope, health, love, happiness with beautiful bright orange light.

Several times while I addressed her other questions to her HS, she had to visit toilet to vomit. I offered a bucket nearby to her, but she felt more comfortable to use the toilet. Though there was nothing came out, the healing done by her HS made her feel oozy, nauseated and wanted to vomit. It was all good, a huge healing was occurring that she understood well and accepted gratefully.

The following morning, she informed me that her fibromyalgia gone 90-95% and the second morning after the session, she shouted with joy, “Fibromyalgia is gone!”, then she shared some other good news with me.

Ellen is now moving forward her life with joy and confidence in her heart, and is pouring her gratitude to her Higher Self!