Michael’s Training Ground

Mercury-image courtesy of NASA

Michael, the most favored Archangel, I don’t think he minds me calling him just, Michael.

He has been most called for Archangel to many of my clients. Out of all the Archangels being created for us, why Michael? My clients describe him; he is gorgeous, loving, powerful, has beautiful huge white wings, handsome, muscular, has attractive physique having six packs, tall, understanding, and so on.

Definitely, he is known to us as powerful as well loving Archangel. Some client’s Higherself (HS) calls him the most powerful being other than the Source. And Michael and all other Archangels have never incarnated, and never changed, thus their memory is impeccable, therefore never forget even a tiniest thing. They have always been what they are. Also, they don’t need to do any meditation, or any spiritual practice, since they have always been with the Source. Their whole life is spiritual practice, therefore it comes naturally.

Apparently, there are 268 Archangels according to one of the Higher Self (HS) I have spoken with. I asked the HS to elaborate all 268 in detail: their names, duties assigned by the Source and their beings’ attributes. The HS said this will be the violation of their will and they wish to be remained anonymous. Some of them gave permission to be known, such as Archangel Michael.

About wings shown from the pictures available in the world, the HS said they can be whatever human perceives them to be, depending on which reality person may see. Their true nature is energy which has no shape.

I did ask what their work in broad categories are, since they wish to be remained hidden. The HS said some specialize in protection, love, healing, or creating feelings and emotions. These Archangels dedicate themselves looking after beings from the first to the seventh dimensions on the planet Earth and be seen everywhere at once.

HS         Also he is a frequent visitor to Mercury.
Soo       Mercury?
HS         Yes, the planet Mercury. He trains, and sustains the vibration equilibrium that they have.
Soo       He trains?
HS         Yes, the Mercury is a warrior planet and it is a beautiful planet. It is strong, predominantly has male energy and extremely forceful.
Soo       What else is happening there?
HS         He sets creating the mathematical and precision of the structure. He creates and maintains order of some sort of government level.
Soo       What dimension is this planet Mercury?
HS         It is in the eight to ninth dimension.
Soo       That high?
HS         Yes, they are in the very high vibration.

Now I am looking at the sky with renewed understanding. It is the nearest planet to the Sun, and the smallest planet of our solar system. Who knew that much activities are going on there!