Ancestral Curse

Nayan looked worried sick, his face was sullen and gloomy.  “Tell me why you are under the weather” was the beginning of my questions to him.  He was telling me how his stomach has been bothering him and “definitely think it is the ancestral curse working on me”.

“What do you mean by that”, I asked him.  Many of his family members have had stomach cancer from his grandparents’ generation and may be even before, he said.  A few members of the family died already from the stomach cancer and the entire clan believed that those people were gone because of the curse.

I asked him what kind of diet he has been on.  He talked about how good he has been eating all vegetarian because that was the right thing to do.  He basically consumed grains, beans, flour products, and vegetables.

His stomach issues were bloating, gaseous, cramping and sometimes indigestion.  Who other than his Higher Self (HS) could better enlighten on this subject of ancestral curse.

“Nayan thinks his stomach discomfort comes from ancestral curse. What is ancestral curse?”, that was how my question started to them (HS) for Nayan. 

This was how his HS explained:

“When you say ancestral curse, ancestral DNA link to every person who has a lot of information they brought with them through their DNA.

You as a soul chose this specific body because on a physical level your ancestry has chosen to deal with certain way.  Now your job as an individual is to go against that, the way they did it before and introduce something new, so that your soul bringing new information to re-code what is in your DNA.

So that you bring your children, or you put out new information to the next generation.

There is no such a thing as a curse, because you chose your body.

So, information there is just your challenge in this life.  The thing you need to work through is not a curse, it is what inspires you in this life.

Seeing all the stuff they did it before, you chose to come here to try to fix it.

Once you are aware of that, none of your ancestry information matters, because you have access of your own information, then you are over the curse, if you want to call it a curse”. 

Nayan’s stomach issue was basically from overconsumption of beans which produced lots of gas, something his body was not comfortable to work with.  His HS cleared all the discomforts and advised him to reduce bean consumption. 

The belief system that he has had through family conditioning on his ancestral curse, his HS cleared from his memory bank.

Now Nayan realized why he chose his family and his purpose of this current life is to help the family to understand the conditioning they were put under for generations, and teach them how to overcome it, or “re-code” it as his HS called.

Nayan felt tremendous zest for living after learning what he found out from the session and told me “I feel so invigorated!”.