This is a session story of Aiko.  Her major reason for coming to a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session is to heal from Crohn’s disease that she has been suffering since teen and to find out why she has it.

Aiko has lived her life as best as she can.  Many ups and downs, her life has been.  Now in her 40s, she finally finds time to look back and wondering what was that all about.

In her teen years, she developed nausea, diarrhea, and terrible cramps which made her and her mom panicked and rushed to see a doctor.  Her doctor diagnosed her having Crohn’s disease and put her on steroids.  The steroids made her weight ballooned and her body formed many stretch marks all over her body to just name a few side effects. 

The medication controlled her pain to some degree, but never be able to get rid of the disease.  Often, she has had no energy to even get out of the bed, let alone go to work.  But she has braced with all that and continued to make good attendance to her work.

Several men came into her life as partners.  Some good, some poor.  Now she is fine being alone and she is willing to wait for the right partner, and she wants to know if someone is for her in the future.

” I will ask”, I said.

She also showed me red cherry marks all over her body.  So many!  Another important question to find that out from her Higher Self (HS).

During the deep relaxation, her HS showed her a scene of a birthday party.  She was dressed all pretty and her mom invited all her friends, made a beautiful pink flower birthday cake with five candles on it.  But no one was talking, she felt she was all alone in the whole wide world because her dad was not there for her birthday.

Her parents had always argued on everything.  Screaming and loud noise were constant.  Aiko remembered her hearing her dad’s yelling even in her mom’s womb and did not like that at all.

When her dad left them behind, the devastation she felt was indescribable to Aiko.  She loved his hugs and remembered feeling happy when he smiled at her.  Her dad was her world to Aiko.

Her Higher Self (HS) gave her clarity on why she has Crohn’s disease.

She has been punishing herself because she felt she was not good enough to keep her dad stay with her.  It all started at the age of five when her dad left her. She blamed all on her.

Also, she wanted everybody should make her feel happy.  In that way she has been selfish, her HS added.  Her HS asked her to let go of grudges against all people whom she felt did not help her feeling happy, that includes all her family members and males whom she has known and interacted.

She needs to forgive and love them.  Grudges, she is holding it too tightly.  It is not their responsibility to make her feel happy, it is her responsibility to make her own happiness.  Her HS said finally today through this session, she learned the lesson of taking responsibility of her own happiness, not expecting others to make her feel happy, so she no longer needs to suffer from self punishing disease. 

She also learned that it was not her fault that her dad left, who had his own issues to deal with.  So, her HS healed the Crohn’s in her.   

They (HS) took all the damaged scar tissues, scraped them all out from inside of her body and they made a promise to her that Crohn’s disease will never return to.

Chery marks all over her body is resulted from the side effect of the medication that she has been taking, and they will be gone in one month.  She is to take just one more anti-inflammation medication that she has been taking, and no more after that.

She is to exercise love to all and believes in herself who can do anything.  And she is going to meet her soul partner in two years, her HS told her the signs to recognize him as her partner when she sees him.  He will be an excellent companion and a good friend for her.  Her HS said she will feel happy and content with him.