Many women expressed anemic issues they have when we talked about physical discomforts, a part of questions where we can address to their Higher Self (HS).

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When they bleed during menstruating, often they express they feel fatigue, dizziness, lack of motivation, or sometimes even brain fog.

There is a solution for every problem.  I addressed this question to the Higher Self of one client.

Soo     How to fix this issue?

HS      Anemia, how cleverly human named this. But anemia is lack of iron.  Many women gave up their power.  Iron is strong and steady.  Many women have bent to the will of men, in some way or shape of form.  Even those who are advocate and who are strong, who are trying to push against the system are living with unresolved trauma. They must themselves reclaim their power, which is no easy feat, there is no simple answer for this. 

Soo     So it is very metaphoric.  Isn’t it?  You mean they lose Iron in red blood is the power.  Even menstruating, they don’t have to lose their iron in it.

HS      Yes, they are so used to giving up lot of iron in it, they are giving away their power.  Universe is trying to tell humans this in different way.  Women are giving away their power to men.  Basically, women are conditioning and conditioned of male superiority stuff.

Soo     How to claim the power back then?

HS      The world is shifting; however, many women are pushing other women aside to feel powerful to work in male dominated world.  No.

HS      The world must be recreated in your vision.  This is holistic, and equalistic.  No one person is more desirable than over another.  In that way you can hold your power.

HS      Women must look at ways which they give up their power, righteously feel their anger, but don’t just stop there.  You must turn this anger into action, action of how to change your world, your life for the better, where you will feel more whole.

HS      This is divine feminine and divine masculine wanting to live within your body fully. Many women live in divine feminine in harmony with themselves, however they are scared of living in divine masculine.  Because of the way males on this world have twisted and malformed the version of divine masculine.

HS      Very few men live with the divine masculine within them.  Divine masculine is not scared of sharing power, because they know their own worth. 

Soo     Anything to do what to eat?

HS      For now, there are many women must eat things for them to supplement with this power and iron for this power.

HS      What makes them feel powerful. Are they listening men to find these answers?  Or do they listen their bodies.  For you must have strength to allow in divine masculine. You must consume what makes you feel powerful.  Listening your body or listening man.  It cannot come in empty shell.

HS      So many women at the advice of male doctors, they take iron supplements.  if you take these iron supplements, and you feel powerful by taking them, then you did not give your power away.  That will help.

HS      However, if you feel subdued, and underheard and you are taking it because your doctor told you so, then it will hold no power.  To reclaim this iron, to reclaim this power, you must consume things that are powerful. 

Soo     Any food that would make you feel powerful?

HS      For many women, this is meat, but this is now aligned with masculine world right now to destroy another life seen as powerful in the male version of things. Soo   So meat is not the answer.

HS      Eating meat is powerful.  And it is because this gives them power back to some extent, but this is not the end result.  Whatever food make you powerful, eat them.

Some food to take to alleviate anemic issue from clients’ HS are:  red meat, lentil with rice, spinach, or take iron supplement.