Love to Fulfill

She is tall, beautiful and her long brown hair is flowing with the wind, so lovely…  We laugh, and laugh.  I feel like I am in the pool of happiness.   I am 18 and have soldier crew-cut and I am about to leave for the army.  This is our last evening together.  We go for a walk near a ferry, eating street foods.  You know what those deep-fried foods taste like.  They taste really good.  I love how she is so fun and positive.  I want it never ends, and I am feeling so happy.

Now I know it is the time to say goodbye.  I hold her hands and tell her I love her.  She says “I will wait for you”.   It is so nice to hear and I know she is so genuine for saying so.  And yet I cannot make any promise.  Deep down I know I will never come back.  It is such a memorable and fun evening, also sad because we are not going to see again.  This only I know. 

Now I am in 30s, and I make myself an ace military man.  My commander trusts me and I trust him.  My commander calls me alone in his office, and gives me an order: a special task to accomplish with my guys.  I am in charge. 

He knows that I am the guy who gets things done.  Task has to be done, has to be done.  After the meeting, I go to a bar, drink alone, feeling numb, and go to bed.  It is just another day.  I am just like a robot, that is me.  I do not feel.  I do not make myself to feel. 

I am down somewhere.  I find myself alone in darkness.  I have light in my hand, and looking at something.  I am walking around in a big empty container.  This container feels metallic, gigantic in size, I am still inside looking around, looking for a door to get out.  Now I find an opening and out, seeing a vast desert, just sand and nothing around.  Air smells fresh, and it must be near sunset, because the surroundings all seem reddish.

I feel disappointment, don’t know why yet but I have no fear.  But feeling not safe, I hide myself behind a big rock.  This rock is huge, feels warm and I can totally hide. It is good for now.  I sip some water from a bottle taken from my military backpack, but feel no hunger.

When the day break, I see a car coming with soldiers.  I am still behind the rock.  They are not my ally.  They have some very sophisticated weapons, and wear masks.  I notice there is bleeding on my right leg, I am wounded.  I cannot move anymore.  I take a belt out, buckled it around my leg to stop the bleeding.  Now I feel scared.  Now I know, all my guys got killed and the mission failed.

Looking down from the rock, I see so many enemy soldiers there are! I want to cry, and I know I’m going to die.  I feel that I never got to love and wasted my life.  All of sudden I remember the girl I loved.  I see her face, her laugh, her love (at this point, tears streaming down and sniffling).  I should have been with her!  What have I done all these times?  The life of fulfilling missions only, nothing else!  I did not find anyone to love in my life!  What a waste!

I gunned to my head, killed myself.  What’s the point!  I thought about maybe I should not, but eventually they will catch me, interrogate, torture and kill me anyway.  Why go through it when the end looks so evident!

The life that has been viewed shows the client what is the purpose of this life:  to love.

In this current life, the ace military man is an attractive successful woman and the beautiful girl in the past life is a handsome successful businessman.  As in the past life being a highly skilled task master, in this life also, she has been the key person and highly respected in the organization where she works as well.   In one business function, they met and as they say “don’t know why, something pulls” to each other, since then they have never been apart.

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She came for a session why a baby is not coming to them though they have gone through many artificial insemination efforts.  “She will have a baby within two years”, her Higher Self informed her.  Now her worries have been lifted, for she will have a baby who is the fruit of their love.  Finally, the love that should have been enjoyed in the past life is going to be fulfilled in this life.