Voice Out

Having a QHHT session to satisfy her curiosity was appealing to Tammy, since she knew there has been no one so far can answer any of her questions, nor can open her true feelings to.  When she approached with her questions to church people, they simply told her; “have a faith”.  When she met with friends, she got stuck with fear of telling them what she truly feels.  Time went on and now she wants to find out the bottom of it.  Desperately she wants to be free from feeling empty inside and living in despair.

While she was talking about her own life story, I found her very articulate, highly intuitive, and having deep compassion for fellow humans.

Under the trance, her Higher Self (HS) showed a life of a man wandering places, living alone; standoffish on all things; never revealed his true self to anyone.  Always observing and never mingled with them, a life of deeply lacking emotional feeling aspect of it.

He knew he was different, nobody noticed him any different, but he could see he was not like them.  He was there living, but not part of that world.  People didn’t know he was different.  Part of him was scared of revealing himself, fearful that some bad thing could have happened.  He found, just watching was enjoyable, not to be connecting.

One day in the same town, at the public square, a gathering was announced.  There was going to be a hanging of a man, who he felt he had some connection emotionally who was going to be hung.  He noticed town people were throwing foods to the dead man on the rope, mocking him, having a big celebration with drinks.  A sort of a holiday to these people.  He could not believe what just happened.

Some years later, he had been found out that he was different by town people.  He was trying to hide and ran away.  Being terrified of being chopped off his head by these town chasers, he kept running and ended up on the cliff which was surrounded by the water.  Nowhere he could run to, but jumped into the water.  By now, all important people who knew him really learned about him.

The past life shown to Tammy was extremely lonely, living in fear of getting to be revealed the true self.  Looking back the life she just viewed, it could have been better life by telling the true self to people, then people might have felt not betrayed by him, how hiding really didn’t do anything.  Hiding just made other people mad.  Tell the truth would have been better.  A good lesson learned.

The only physical discomfort she has in this current life is throat clearing which happens more often when she is in a stressful state.

Her HS was ready to answer the question.

HS       This is about finding her voice, clearly expressing her thoughts, and vision to bringing people together.  Pretending to be someone else, trying to please other people, she gets more throat clearing. 

Soo     Could that reason be happening more she experiences at work place?

HS       Staying in uncomfortable space, she needs to allow to share, allow to say.  When said nothing, rather this is the time to say to them, “this is wrong, we can’t operate like this, we can be better”.    Just being honest to them.  This is not her responsibility to fix other people, this is their responsibility to fix themselves.  This is the opportunity to discuss her feeling, share it open, let them choose.

Soo     She has more intense feeling to one of her colleagues, could you share some insights for her?

HS       She sees herself in that person, her own good and poor qualities of herself, thus more feeling has been provoked.  In organization, everyone should pursue the correct way to behave, the society should penalize when the proper action being violated.  The society should not let it go without proper repercussion for everyone’s benefit to evolve.

Soo     Why in the first place, her throat got affected?

HS       When she can’t express her true feeling, we use throat in the first place giving off signal to examine her issue.

Soo     What is the real cause of not expressing her true feeling?

HS       Lack of self-love.

Soo     Could you elaborate more?

HS       You share who you are, you voice out your true feeling.  Honor yourself.  Trust yourself more.  Eat healthy foods.  Being comfortable in your own skin.  Putting yourself first and not feeling guilty.  Give lots of rewards, and encouragements to yourself.

Soo     That’s so beautifully expressed…  Thank you!

The past life she viewed having an issue of telling the true feeling carries over to this current life for Tammy to deal with.  This life, she will succeed with flying colors!