Trannie has been wondering about several marks on her body all through her life.  They appear as bite marks, which she has no recollection of being beaten by any insects.  Also, she has some curiosities on UFO.  She doesn’t know why, but somehow, she is intrigued about them.

One important day, she found herself standing on a big mound which was in reddish color and dusty.  She was waiting for someone important.  She did not know who in particular, but she knew she had to be there.  She was 8 (eight) years old. 

They beamed her up to the spaceship.  The ship was round, and had the typical UFO ship features.   It was not vast, no bigger than a person.  It could have been a shuttle.  There were technologies, lights, boards and things.  They were mostly white and blue in color. There was a big shiny control board made of some kind of mineral from where energy came. 

She felt like being watched.  She kept looking around there, seeing lots of lights and things. In the shuttle, there was no one in control.  Out of nowhere, these beings appeared and were taking her to somewhere.  They were tall, much taller.  Couple of them were guiding her by putting their hands gently on her back to meet their leader.  They wore white robes, and they communicated with thoughts. The place had lots of blue light, and a hall way was also all in blue color.

They guided her to go on a chair and the leader asked her question: “what did you learn?”.  They wanted to know what she learned.  The leader said she was one of them, they changed her look like a human so that she could learn things by living as a human.

The leader said humans are unhappy.  They fight too much, argue too much, and eat too much.  They already knew everything about human, but they wanted her here to experience.  The leader said she is not the only one, they have others.  She realized that she was not telling them anything new.

They live in a planet called Argon, which is a large planet and much farther away from the Milky galaxy.  Argon is gaseous planet of blue lights.  They live simple in higher dimension, and their technology is far advanced.  They don’t eat.  They sustain themselves with thoughts and gas.  They are all beyond of any kind of physical needs.

They are very tall and have long, two (2) digits fingers, body is greyish in color and paler looking.  They walk like human, and have arms and legs.  They have long head like a bulb on top, no hair, no mouth, small slit for nose maybe.  They make no sound, and all communication is done by thoughts.

They are benevolent, and live in clusters around the planet.  They are connected each other through energy.  They have evolved that way and have their own family. There is no war, only to cooperate together.  They use their brain for things and they have finite number of their beings which they create their offspring by thoughts and of course, they never expire.

Argon Being schetched by Trannie

The planet has this energy source on it, and they use this energy force for travel, and they share the energy with other planets.  They just exist, they don’t do anything, maybe just gone past things of evolutionary process, even evolving to be just light, at some point they will just become light.

They have great curiosity about the Earth and humans, specifically, human feelings of love and hate.  They want to know what it is like living on the ground, because their planet doesn’t have ground like the Earth, for they are just gassy.  Hills or mountains are shaped that way, but lacking dense substance, but foggy with luminescent substances.

They don’t understand why humans are on hard ground, and they see us, humans as basic.  They have curiosity to understand why and how earthlings dig for attaching themselves to the ground.  They appreciate what we are doing, simply trying to figure out what is like living on the ground.

Trannie asked to the leader about the bite marks on her body, and the leader said they are for connecting thing to create an awareness inside of her, that she is in contact with Argon like a clue for her to discover and a sign that they really visited.  Also, they come sometimes too, understand that she is a part of their study.  The leader reminded her that she volunteered to do the job and though in reality, it has really been happening, but she would remember it like a dream.

The leader said it is her time to go back to the Earth, and finish her assignment, so they brought her back in the ship.  They downloaded her life, her experiences, and her feelings.  They watch and study her life and feelings on their TV like screen, more like she is the subject of their entertainment.  It is like seeing her on a movie.  The leader gave instruction for no interference what she experiences.

The leader said to her; “go, enjoy and live amongst them (humans)”.  She accepted the assignment with appreciation and gratitude.