I Am a Tree!

Linda had a past life experience of a man who lived in Europe, full of happiness and some sadness.  I was about to bring her to the spirit side to ask about the life purpose of the past life she just viewed.  Then suddenly, she uttered.

Linda             I am a tree!

Soo                Oh! Tell me about it!

Linda             I am a huge tree, probably a few hundred years old with so many branches and a huge trunk.

Soo                Wow!  That sounds huge!

Linda             Yes, I have been here for a while.

Soo                How do you feel to be a tree?

Linda             It is very nice, I get to meet people, chipmunks, squirrels, animals and birds.

Soo                You see those chipmunks busy looking for food?

Linda             Yeah… they are really running around so much, climbing me up and down.

Her beaming smile with affection spreads on her face like sunlight shines with its full glory.

Soo                Tell me some interesting stories of your life as a tree.

Linda             People come and talk to me.  Lovers promise their love for ever in front of me.  Some tells me happy stories; some tells me sad stories.  Some prays to me for their wishes.

Soo                Wow, that is very interesting life! What else do you do?

Linda             I take negativities and breathe out positives.

Soo                What do you mean?

Linda             I take carbon dioxide in and breathe oxygen out.

Soo                Thank you for doing that, you really help bringing oxygen to purify the air.

Linda             Yes, I came here to help Mother Earth.

Soo                You knew she needs your help?

Linda             Yes, people started abusing her land and I wanted to help her in some way.

Soo                How do you communicate with her?

Linda             My roots are in contact with her.  She always talks to me and tells me how appreciative of me.

Soo                When do you like people most?

Linda             Oh, I love them when they hug me and tell me they love me.

Soo                Oh you feel that?

Linda             Of course, when they hug me, I feel the love.

Soo                That’s so beautiful, so you wish people hug you often?

Linda             Yes, that would be so nice…

Soo                What was your main function, other than giving oxygen?

Linda             Give love to all.

The tree was not in a jungle, but on a hill of America, enjoyed the wind, cloud, dry or wet air, hikers, travelers, and animals of all sorts.  She lived very content, peaceful life and one day a bulldozer came; the tree was cut to make a way for a resort.