Fainting Spell

Ram has had many fainting spells since little boy.  It has been a huge concern for the family when he goes out.  For he fainted many times on the school ground, on the streets, and even on the stadiums.  Many fainting gave frequent visits to the doctors, but not one doctor gave him the explanation of the cause of his spell. 

Life was no fun after that.  On certain point, he decided not even going out altogether, of course that made him reclusive.  He lost his interest in pursuing academic life, rather sought the career in working alone.

His gentle and peace-loving nature with his love of being alone always makes him seeking trails of parks and naturally treed areas.

During the interview, he talked about his Mom was gravely ill when he was very young.  That shook him up greatly he said.

As like epileptic seizure, too much energy usually causes people faint, perhaps Ram’s case was from overloading energies in his brain might be the cause of it as well, but what kind of overloading.

All knowing Higher Self (HS) was waiting for the questions.

Soo     Could you give us some insight what was the cause of his fainting spell?

HS      Imbalance of energies is the cause.  His mind was very open to spirit world as a child.  Absorbing too much for a little body, so he fainted.  Many energies in a sense becoming imbalanced, within him.  Another word, conflicts within him making him imbalanced. 

Soo     What was the conflict you are referring to?

HS      Feelings he felt, such as fears, literally just thought of them, the possibilities of things, some more than others.

Soo     What kind of fears?

HS      Fear of loss.

Soo     What kind of loss, may I ask?

HS      Loss of loved ones, family.  Worrying on a loss daily basis, worried about losing around him. Worried about the future.

Soo     Where did this fear of loss come from?  As far as I know, this life he has every member of the family alive.

HS      It happened before in other lives in the past.  In some life, losing those close to him, it was hard for him to continue living.

Soo     Isn’t it how it is designed that we live together and depart one day?

HS      Yes, he does not want to live without his soul group. It was hard for him.

Soo     So what would you suggest for him then?  As his Higher Self, you know what is best for him.  How can he be free from feeling that and live life fully?

HS      We will rewire his brain to eliminate all that from his brain. 

Soo     Thank you for doing that!  What would he feel after rewiring done on him?

HS      He will realize he doesn’t really lose them.  And just feel happy what is, rather than what maybe.  It used to be that everything in this life he related has no values, rubs his happiness and pleasures. He lives in the past, and in the future. That weighs him down.

Soo     If there is any lesson for him after rewired, what could it be?

HS      He needs to wake up every morning, be grateful everything he has NOW.  Not to stress about what will happen in the future.  Find happiness in NOW.

His Higher Self said now that his brain got tune up, his mind is like a new computer.  He could feel more thoughts and feelings better suit him.  Old computer is gone.  He will feel calmer, and will have feeling of better connection with people around him.