As You Observe

As people are more interested in the topic of the New Earth, I also became very curious about what it would feel like living in the fifth (5D) dimension, especially having a body in the third (3D) dimension. Being in the 3D, I am very familiar with what it is like to feel, taste, touch, smell, and see.

Not long ago, I had a client to whom I asked some questions to the Higher Self (HS) on the subject of the 5D life.

Soo     Could you tell me the difference of living in the 3D and the 5D, if you can?
HS       Living in  the 5D is like a bird observing the city below. You observe what goes on in the city below you, but you are not in it. You know that, but you don’t feel it.
Soo     But you are not in it? And not feeling it? Please explain more.
HS       As you watch below what people are in the war busy destroying each other. You are seeing it from above, and you are not in that war fighting against.
Soo     So if you are in that war fighting, you are saying that you are in the 3D world?
HS       Correct.
Soo     What are some of the tell tale signs of the 3D world?
HS       Wars, destructions, earthquakes, floods and diseases…
Soo     Say for example, I had a physical vehicle in the 5D, what would I experience if a flood came?
HS       You will observe the flood happening somewhere else, but you wouldn’t get affected by it.
Soo     Please give me another analogy, so that this brain can wrap around the concept.
HS       Imagine you are standing behind a wall of water, you watch people are in the flood, struggling to survive, though you are feeling sad about the incident, you are not in that flood. Should you choose to experience the flood, you can always go through that wall of water, and become one of

image courtesy of Student Sites

them in 3D.
Soo     Who wants to do that! Thank you, I have a better picture of 5D now. Also there are talks about people’s DNA strands changing from 6 to 12.
HS       Yes, that is correct.
Soo     What would I feel if my DNA moves up to 12?
HS       You will feel your body feels like petals, incredibly light. Your hands don’t feel like your hands; your eyes don’t feel like your eyes. You feel totally light.
Soo     Does that have something to do with less density?
HS       Yes, people will feel their bodies are very light. And 12 is the maximum number that the Earth can sustain.
Soo     It sounds like it is better to be in 5D than 3D. How can we be in 5D?
HS       Meditate, saturate your thoughts with love and light.
Soo     Is the Earth now in 5D?
HS       Yes, but she needs more people move up to 5D.