One Drop to the Cosmos

Spring has come and, my friend and I decided to climb the hill to enjoy the warmth of the sun. We were panting, as we were utterly out of shape, we were eager to sit after that activity! We decided to quench our thirst with the bottle of water that we brought with us when a small flat rock caught our attention.

I gulped one cup in a hurry and I was about to pour the second serving when I lost my grip on the bottle and saw my beautiful bottle tumble down the hill into a pond. “Oh no!” I exclaimed. “What! What! What happened?” I felt my friend’s concern in her voice.

My $50.00 water bottle, which I only used twice was gone. I didn’t mind paying that much for my stainless water bottle, as I consciously try to stay away from plastic materials. Oh how I adored that pink flower print on it! Now my precious gem was gone. With a longing to see where it was disappeared, I noticed the water in the pond was rippling out, touching the shore of the pond. The water made a very soft sound when it lapped onto the sand causing the grass to go wet.

Watching the effect of my bottle dunked in the water creating ripples throughout the entire pond triggered a memory of one session I facilitated just a few days ago.

The Higher Self (HS) of a client was educating me how important one person’s action affects the entire Cosmos.

Image courtesy of wiseGEEK

HS:     Ok Soo, now here are some marbles being saturated with green energies, suppose they flow out carrying that green energy and it meets other objects, leaving residue of that green energy with them, the other object again moves carrying that green energy to the another thing, leaving the green energy residue and this goes on and on.
Soo:    So you are trying to explain the ripple effect?
HS:      Yes, Soo. You got it! See how important one action creates a reaction, creates another reaction and another reaction.
Soo:    Are you relating that information with people moving to the fifth dimension?
HS:      Yes! When your vibration moves up, and that changes the vibration of the people around you. Suppose that change continues to the entire planet, can you imagine what could happen next?

Soo:    Then are we not all on the New Earth?
HS:      Yes!, When the Earth is on the new dimension, what would happen to the nearest planets, say Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and so on.
Soo:    They will all get moved up to the higher vibration, are they not?
HS:      Yes! Then imagine that change continues to the entire Cosmos, what will happen next?
Soo:    Expansion of the entire Cosmos!
HS:      You got it!

These are some of the effects we feel when we are in the process of changing the frequencies from the third (3rd) dimension to the fifth (5th) dimension.

Have your ears been buzzing?
Have your ears been screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeching often lately?
Have you been feeling sudden heat or chills?
Have you been feeling dizzy?
Did you develop rashes?
Did you change your diet to more liquid base?
Do you experience sudden aversion to meat?
All of a sudden fruits look tastier.

An analogy of changing radio station with knob will give you an excellent visual explanation. When you want the radio station 5 from 3, you turn the knob. While turning it up, until it reaches to 5 from 3, you will hear static sounds, loud or squeaky sounds in between. These sounds and statics are the effects that you experience as your body is aligning to the higher frequencies.

Very good signs indeed.