Writer’s Block

When Cy walked into the room, I could sense he could fit the typical writer image that I have.  Calm, serene, polite and even his glasses were exactly fit to the writer profile I got used to see from the media.

He said he has been writing for several years with some success, and recently he reached to the point where he just could not come up with even a word to type. Staring the cursor on his laptop blinking, almost at the stage where he felt he could just drift away in some unspoken, quiet land where there was no image, no word, and no feeling. And worse, he started to doubt his ability as a writer!

This was very new experience to him of losing a word. He said he had never experienced this kind of being. He had always something to say, now he was very amused by it. He wanted to find out what caused it, if there was such a thing called a cause, he said. After several hours of talking about his life, his joys and aches, the time came to visit his past life and to meet his Higher Self (HS).

Soo    Cy is having writer’s block nowadays. Could you tell him what is the cause of it?
HS      He needs to drink more.
Soo    Drink more?
HS      He hasn`t been drinking enough water.
Soo    You mean, not enough water causes writer`s block?
HS      It can be any water. Be it the water coming from watermelon, peaches, or just plain water.
Soo    Any water. Would distilled water be all right?

image courtesy of bgfons.com

Somehow at that moment, out of blue, the distilled water that I have been using for many years came to my attention.

HS      Distilled water is clean, but it lacks energy.
Soo    Oh? May I ask why?
HS      The distilling process takes all the energy out from water molecules.
Soo    So then, what would you suggest to make it brimming with energy?
HS      Pray. You hold the water bottle and pray to the Source.
Soo    How to pray? I mean I hold the bottle, then, what do I do?
HS      Say I love You. Pray. Make this water be full of Thy energy, nourishing my body and make the body to be in optimal health, Amen.
Soo    Just like that?
HS      Just like that. Reiki people teach to bless food before they eat. Same idea.
Soo    So you are saying, Cy starts to intake more water contents to his body, his creativity flows through?
HS      Correct.

Cy was so excited! “Was that it!? Wow that is so brilliant! I could have never guessed it in a million years!“

Needless to say, I also found out I have been drinking water void of energy for all these years. I thought I have been doing it right. We, Cy and I, celebrated for that surprise answer with another cup of water! Of course, we prayed before we toasted them!