Bigger Perspective

In a dark space, Aggie is looking at million stars sparkling in the sky.  Seeing a planet of orange color looking peaceful, and floating beautifully comes to her attention.  This planet is one with the universe, a part of the universe.  Feels, she herself is one with the universe.  Feels like she wants to laugh out of joy, and feeling immensely good.  There is a feeling of quietness, calm, and timelessness.  Though seeing nothing, feels there are so much more.

There is a sense of being patient, not in a rush.  The orange planet is dusty, and has many sandstorms.  Not seeing any living people.  It is the size of the Earth.  Not that big.  Now she feels the size of the planet, and sense it holds some knowledge of how to be a planet, and being a planet.  The planet is spinning, and feeling so much fun to be a planet floating in the space.  It is timeless.  Wind blowing around softly, all things move gently and calmly.

“I am that planet!”.  Aggie exclaimed.

She senses that she feels young, energetic, masculine energy of herself being that orange planet.

Never feels alone, and always connected with other planets in the universe.  Feeling and knowing that they are there.  Now she sees more around her.  When zooming out, she sees a bigger planet nearby with clouds, water, and gray ice.  Ice rock planet.  Really big!   She feels the bigger planet is like a family, as if she is being looked after by it.  Feels like her consciousness connection with bigger consciousness.  The bigger planet stands there so long, being there next to each other.  Like human body processes, feels body of the planet shifting like human digestion and can sense shiver like human body.

It is a very different perspective.  The big planet has big consciousness, heavy, secure and happy.  Nothing phases it, totally content as it is.

She realizes being a planet or a human being, she still has the same consciousness.  Scale does not matter.  There are similarities of the both existences.  Either being a planet or human, she is still herself.

Being a human, easy to get caught up of the things.  As a planet, her feeling is deep, steady and large.  As a human, her emotion gets swayed easily like a little ship tossed by  the tidal wave of the sea.

As a planet, every day is all the same.  Noting important, nor excitement happened as a planet.  She learns as a small planet, the conscious connection with bigger planets.  Some planet leaving, some piece of a planet fallen away, some more being created, steady, ever the same.

Aggie’s Higher Self (HS) showed her life being a small planet way before the Earth being created for her to have a bigger perspective.  She is much bigger, her Higher Self says.  On Earthly living, she has been feeling small, trapped  since the Earth is limiting place, dense, and slow.

The Little planet has no name and the bigger planet she has been feeling is her mother.

She and her mom volunteered to come to the Earth to be a beacon of light to help.  I asked her Higher Self how to help people and that her Higher Self said “be the light, bring the light”.  And her HS showed her a very big bright, light energy coming out from her heart.  She has been feeling deep sadness of  how people treat each other, hurting each other.  Many tears shed.  That is very difficult for her to watch.

Her Higher Self suggests to human:  need to learn to soften and open heart.  How to soften and open the heart I asked, and her Higher Self said:  deep, like a planet, broaden your perspective, don’t sweat the small stuff.