I Want My Third Eye Open

Quiet often, one of the people’s requests to their Higher Self (HS) is to open their third eyes.

During the talk, I find many have various psychic abilities such as feeling, sensing, hearing or knowing.  But they want to open their third eyes specifically.  The reason is because they want to know everything, they say.  They say “I want to see the future, past and everything!”.

Usually that kind of question makes me wonder, so I ask them:  Are you willing to take the responsibility of seeing everything?  To that, they wince a little and they usually fidget with no answer.  That question made them think: truly do they want to know everything about everyone?

For example, what if I see someone who I know is going to die by car accident, then what do I do about that information?  Do I have an obligation to let them know, or do I keep it to myself?  Which way is best serving to that person?  Just a situation to consider from a person who “sees” everything.

I believe people realize that maybe it is not that good idea to “see” everything.  So, I asked to the Higher Self (HS) of a client on “seeing” things through their third eyes.

HS:  You are not seeing things because you are being taught that there is other way to see.

Soo:  What do you mean?

HS:  You can see with your stomach.  You can see with your heart.  You can see with your consciousness.  You as humans are trained inherently for too long to only see through your eyes.  Only seeing through visions.

HS:  What we are trying to help you understand is that we have a hard time trying to give you words.  We want you to feel things, not see things.  We want you to feel a new Earth.  We want you to feel with your body, your DNA and every molecule that you have.  We want you to feel love.  We don’t want you to see love.  We need you to feel everything in your body of that love.

HS:  Some of the visions, some people get clearer than others, because their purpose is different.  Some other’s is to feel these things.  We need your bodies to raise to the frequencies which is all feeling, it is not vision.

Soo:  Now what is the best way to feel?  We think we feel it, but I am not so sure about that?

HS:  Humans, you are very good at feeling things with temperature.  You get a great feeling when you are in a warm bath, or when you are in a nice bed, or when you are lying on the grass, or you are floating in the ocean.  This is a good way of understanding feeling.  How you feel.

HS:  Think of yourself when taking a hot bath on a cold winter’s day.  You love the feeling of the water.  When you are in water, you bring feelings out that you do not have standing on two feet.  Temperature is good.  Many humans like warmth.  They like to be in a warm place.  You love these saunas.  These are great places to experience feelings that are not emotional.

HS:  Another thing humans have that many people come back to this planet for is taste!  When you eat things that you really like, and you are excited about it, it brings on feeling.  This is something that you do not need to have vision of.

HS:  Smell! Smell is very important.  Again, we know people loves the smell of the grass, the flowers, of the nature.  There are so many smells that people enjoy.  You meditate to these flowers for example.  It brings on different senses.

HS:  What we are trying to convey to you is as humans you are missing many of your skills and powers and being too reliant on your eyes.  We ask that you explore your other senses because these are really the stronger senses.  Try to and it is very simple to accompany and experience things that make your body feel good.

As we learned, there are many ways to “see” things, through many other bodily senses as described by the Higher Self.  Everyone has their own way of “seeing” things.

The following examples are a few we express, a way of “seeing” things via other than seeing with your physical “eyes” or “third eye”.

Some say they “feel in the gut”.

Some say they “sense the vibes”.

Some say their “hair stands up” when they know something tells the truth.

Some say they “smell imminent danger”.

Some say they “hear voices” from their head or other chakras.

Some say their “heart feels something is going to happen”.

Some say they simply “know” that they know.

Some say their “ears are buzzing” to validate the information received are correct.

And many more.

Our “seeing” abilities have been with us for long time through various ways in our bodies. 

We are all psychic!