This is a session story written by Miro. Much thanks to Miro for sharing his past life experience with us.

By the time I did the hypno-regression with Soonja Kim, I had already completed 4 different ones and had a pretty good idea what to expect.  All my previous visions were of me seeing images of my past lives through my own eye stand, they felt very familiar and all were reasonably pleasant and nothing out of the ordinary.

To my surprise, what I saw with Soonja was something that blew my mind completely.  You see, other than a hypno-regression, I have come to see myself in a past life from a third perspective, as a big, three-legged creature from a different planet, when I was under the guidance of psilocybin aka psychedelic mushrooms.  It was this life that I was most curious of, and wanted to know more about.  It felt like it had a lot of meaning to convey, I just wasn’t sure what precisely.

During the hypnosis, as I was slowly drifting into a deep dream-like state, I was guided by Soonja’s voice to imagine a happy, safe and positive space.  It came as a complete surprise then, when I opened my eyes in that state and saw a big, dark hole in the ground, with water flowing through it, and pebbles and boulders strewn across the bottom of it.  And that’s exactly what it felt like, a comfortable safe and happy place.

Wet and dark. I looked up and saw the skies littered with shiny stars.  Except they all looked the same and were evenly spaced.  Then I realized I was looking at one and the same star many many times over.  As if I had a thousand eyes.  That’s when I thought I was looking through insect like eyes and I was probably an insect too.

I was alone and I was happy, a little surprised that there was no greenery around but I felt satisfied.  I saw myself diving into shallow pools of water to sleep when I was tired and looking through the pebbles when I was bored, reading the layers inside of them and the story, or history, they held within.  And when I was hungry, well, food just presented itself to me.  Other insect and crab-like creatures would come and offer themselves to me as food.

This was the most baffling concept and I saw how it happened.  We were all aware of each other, and the surroundings without seeing each other.  In the dark, we were all parts of the same environment and when one was hungry and the other waiting to die, we would just connect.  In that connection, we would selflessly give ourselves to each other and automatically gain each other’s perspective.  As if we lived 2 lives in 2 different bodies.  This way one would end their life with 2 experiences and the other would have the sustenance from the leftover body to continue living and experiencing life.  That was the beginning of the mind-blowing experience.

Next, I looked around, or rather what felt like looking but I was actually scanning, perceiving the environment in the darkness and realized I was aware of not just the surface of things, but of the deep inside, and of all the layers and what they represented.  I realized that in the absence of light what I perceived around me was not just the surface of things, but all the structure and meaning inside.  And it all had a story to tell.

In that life I lived a solitary life but every so often, as I saw, I would run into another one of my species and we would mate.  This happened in a peculiar way where our limbs would open from the body and we would merge and become a six-legged creature which now not only shared its physicality between the two, but also the entire life’s perspective.  All our experiences, memories and knowledge were merged into one, just like our bodies.  We communicated to each other our whole existence in perspective, as well as genetic material, which we then used to create eggs for our progeny.  The sex was complete communication of life’s perspective as well as the genetic material.  I felt in awe of this, as this was my approach to sex in this life, communicating my whole life’s perspective not just the sensation.

I saw contact with others, beings that were not from my planet but which I called ‘light workers’.  Humanoid like beings which would occasionally come to learn from us.  We taught them how to read deep into beings and things so that what they would perceive is not just the illuminated surface, but also the inner substance and perspective of things, which carries much much more information than the surface.

For, in the darkness there is no surface, there are only layers.  Many of them, with a lot of meaning and information.  This is where my mind was blown again because I realized how we judge everything based on the surface value which represents barely 2% of the intrinsic value.  I saw how the dark reminds us of many layers we share in common with everyone and everything around us.  I saw how our old skeletons after our death break apart and form little pebbles that we walk on and all of them have layers and information of the past lives and histories.

A saying came to my mind which I used to say to my friends, and which came to me in meditation; “you should not ask for what you need but what you have to give, and then everything you need will be given to you”.  That’s exactly how I saw myself in this regressed life.  I was given everything I needed and I gave all I had.  I saw then, myself coming to the planet Earth as a visitor planting first life.  I saw how the 3-legged form was not successful because of how hard it is to keep balance with 3 legs with your vision only, but how the mating form, merged 6 legged-body worked out very well and was the branch that created insects.

Having a scientific background and knowledge this all sounded a little far fetched and unlikely but I could not deny the overwhelming feeling of it being the truth.  In any case, for me, these are beautiful images that decorate the inside of my mind, rather like paintings, and gave my life a lot of value and entertainment.

One thing is for sure though, I will never underestimate the value of darkness ever again.