Betty has many health issues I don’t not know if we have enough time to cover all that in one given time.  We might have to leave the rest of her questions to some other time.

One of her curiosities is her birthmark on her left leg radiating from ankle upward to one third of her leg.  It is quite large size, and looks splashed around and upward as if a painter intentionally brushing up.

She went into a past life where she was a mother of a beautiful little girl and had a loving husband whom she married, came from outside of her local area.  Beautiful life continued until one day, she found her husband and daughter disappeared!  Through neighbors, she learned they were sent over to the outer area where locals were not allowed.  Political uproar was everywhere, government officials were barring anyone crossing over the line.  She cried in desperation to let her join her husband and child.  The officials promised her to let her cross, but she got tricked and never allowed to go!

Sorrow and tears continued, now she had no husband and a little girl, her parents urged her to move in at their place, which she did.  Time went by, she sustained herself by growing vegetables, and sold them at the market.  Parents aged and died later, she became all alone and in deep grief, which never grew less.

From time to time, she heard news of her daughter, now all grown woman living with her paternal grandparents, for her dad died of sickness.

One day in deep grief of missing her dear family, she kept walking, not noticing a train moving forward fast.  The train ran over the exact part of the body.  She died instantly!

Out of her body, she cried “I am not feeling pain anymore!  I am not feeling pain anymore!”, so much more tears flowed over and streaming down to her ear lobes.  She watched from above as a spirit, town people gathered her crushed body and gave her body a nice burial.

When I met her Higher Self (HS), I gave the HS a choice to remove the birthmark or leave it, up to the HS whatever decision was best for her.  Her HS chose to leave the mark for her to remember the love and joy she felt at that life every time she touches it.

In that life, she learned the feeling of the most love and joy.  Her HS said It would be a nice gift for her to remember every time she touches it, and it will make her feel the love and joy all over again.

Her HS removed the train accident trauma from her, and the restless leg syndrome, which came from the train accident also.  So now she is free from the trauma, no restless leg syndrome, only to remember the love and joy.

When she was brought out from the trance, the first thing she touched was the birthmark and I saw her lovingly caressing it.