My First Home

Where did I start my journey for the first time after being created by the Source? 

This question is asked by the clients from time to time, but they never asked to go back and see what that place was like until this client.

Young, smart, beautiful woman came in to have a session.  After looked after her physical discomforts, I asked her Higher Self (HS) about her first home after her being created from the Source.  Her HS guided her to a “no name planet”, where everything was very cold; just rocks, mostly white rocks; ground had lots of holes; and dust was everywhere and there was no life.  She saw countless stars in the dark sky.

She was wind in that “no name planet”, and she lived with her soul family.  A small group of her soul family lived just walking, more like drifting here and there.  There was no daylight in that planet, but just night.  All dark.  A black planet.

How long ago did she live up there?  She said she could see where she was what was happening on the Earth.  She even saw cars were being made.  It meant it was not that long ago.

After viewing the last day of her last life, she was in spirit world, when she was given choices between a brown dark planet on her left view and a planet with trees and rivers on her right view.  I could see she had to make a decision between the Earth and another planet, which I found out that planet was “no name planet”.

She lived only once on that “no name planet”.  The life was very short.  She did not like that planet because everything was cold and there was nothing on it to her liking other than rocks, ice and darkness.

She felt she had something uncomfortable in her chest to release, could it be karma, we don’t know so she met her soul family.  They all came to see her, hugged each other, then said sorry to each other; her soul family understood that she had to leave, and they were not holding any grudge against her leaving them.  In the beginning, they did not like her leaving the family, thinking she left them for she did not like them.  Therefore, by going back and saw them, she solved the biggest karma with them and released it for good.  They made a peace.  No more bad feelings.

No Name Planet Beings

Her soul family looked not at all like human.  They looked just like wind; hands were like wind blowing.  The body was white windy shape.  Face was one huge dark hole, cloudy like. She saw no eyes, ears, nose, nor mouth, windy shape of bodies, they were moving when they stood.  There was no density, but just etheric body.

Assignment up there in “no name planet” was; they were just communicating with the rest of their kind, all gather together, talking and enjoying each other’s company.

At the post talk, she said she saw them having individuality and felt all feelings even though they did not have any human features.  She was all smiles.