Love All Dogs

Rea has been suffering from right hip pain for almost of all her life.  Some years ago, she even has gone through an operation to insert a steel in her hip.  Now it is way overdue to replace for a new steel.  And she has been delaying that as long as she can, hoping her Higher Self (HS) says it is OK not to go through another operation and better yet get healed by her HS.

When she was in an early teen, a few members of her family went out for an outing in an open car.  On the road, they got hit by a drunken truck driver.  While some of her family escaped any damage, Rea had an impact of the collision on her right hip while broken glasses splashed on her face all over.

Several months during when she was in the hospital to recover, she missed her school so her learning was compromised.  That caused her losing the confidence in school work, later she completely lost her interest in learning all together.  Though she got a degree but it was an act, purely to obtain a necessary paper in order to meet a basic requirement to be qualified candidate for a future marriage.

Life went on, grew to be a woman to marry.  Met a fine young man, married, and raised her family.  But this right hip pain never really left her, finding herself taking pain killers often to soften the aches.

When I met her Higher Self (HS), I asked why the hip issue.

HS       The car accident was a fate.

Soo     What do you mean?

HS       It had to happen.

Soo     Could you elaborate on that?

HS       This is her debt payment of her past action.  In one of her past life, she had a dog that she loved.  But she hit the dog so severely for seven minutes continuously with a thick stick for many weeks.  The dog finally gave up its life.

Soo     Why hitting the dog?

HS       Her mother in law gave her rude treatment, out of anger she hit the dog.

Apparently, Rea had no one to turn to release her anger, every time she received cruel treatment from her mother in law, she chose her dog to release that emotion.

Soo     Why right side?

HS       Because the way she stood; the right side of the dog was the target to hit.

Soo     Are you trying to say hitting the right side of dog’s leg has something to do with her right hip getting hit by the truck?

HS       Correct.

So, all these times, she has been paying the debt and her HS did not allow healing her pain due to the debt which has not been all paid back.  Her HS said, she still has to have one more hip operation, after a little after that, the karma will be completely resolved and there will be no more pain.

The HS advised her to love all dogs.

In this current life, she met the dog again who belongs to someone Rea knows.  Rea noticed the dog met her with loving greeting, but stayed in distant.  Now she knows why.