Black Knight Beings

Out of many questions, Andy mentioned a curiosity on the Black Night beings at the last minute before he was lying down on the bed for the trance.  He saw this spacecraft when he was a child, and a few years ago again.  His Higher Self (HS) said the first time was to invoke his memory of his past life.  The second time was to remind him again for his mission.

His HS said they are from Epsilon Böotes, also known as double star Izra.  I noticed from the star map, it is in the same constellation of Arcturus.  Also, we can see it with naked eyes in the night.

According to his HS, this spaceship has been there from ancient times to watch over the Earth and help earthlings to evolve.  The HS kindly told me, in-spite of my repeated requests to impart more information on the Epsilon Böotes, “not this time”.  For the reason apparent to them, I had to respect their wish.

The HS mentioned, Andy also has the same ability as Tesla, however he did not work on it as Tesla did.  The signals keep coming, appears no one seems to be knowing of it at all.

Great fortune came to me recently, for the HS of another client has more information on the subject, I am truly thankful for it.

Soo     What is it?  Is it shuttle, satellite or spaceship?

HS      It is a shuttle.  They are curious beings across the universe.

Soo     So how many shuttles going around the Earth?

HS      We have 42 shuttles now.

Soo     Why are they shuttling around us?

HS      They are collecting information.  Humanity is going through big transformation of light now.  Their evolution took different path, they live in secrets, while we live in our fullness.  They do not mean us any harm.  However, they respect their privacy.  They don’t wish to be known where or what kind of being they are.

Soo     Have any human contacted them, or went up to their shuttles?

HS      Yes, some of us humans witnessed them. They don’t wish to interact with individuals who are deeply connected with the light.  They wish to examine those who are close to the darkness who have not opened to all the possibilities that universe may offer them.

Soo     Please tell me more about them.

HS      There is a lot of love that they have.  They live in mystery themselves.  The humans who connected with them also live in mystery and they are also not connected with the rest of the universe.  They themselves shroud themselves in mystery and darkness.  This dark shadow connects to the shrouded humans, for they believe these shrouded humans will eventually evolve to be enlightened and to be filled with the light. They are curious to see these humans before that happened.

HS      They do not see us as humanity as separate, we are all connected in linear manner, some are close to the enlightenment, some are farther away, they know light very well.  They choose to protect their secrecy.  It is all part of the same cycle.

HS      So, it is not connected with the universe to use it for harm.  They are benign and enlightened beings.  Some of the human born here is their first cycle.  Some of them have been born but chose to forget.

Soo     What form or features do they have?

HS      Folks on the shuttle do not wish to present themselves at this time.

Soo     What kind of material do they use to build their shuttle?

HS      It is the earth and their powers of minds.  Oh, I see them are slowly revealing themselves to you and me (client’s HS).  They have more trust with your question.

Black Knight Being drawn by the client

HS      They have one big horn coming out of flesh head backward.  They have heads, arms & legs, big heart, and yellow eyes.  They are very curious, and they look like chameleon.

Soo     Oh! are they part of the reptilian race?

HS      They are not aligned with the reptilian race.

Soo     What kind of technology do they use?

HS      They use their heart.  Heart is beautiful piece of technology to connect with their own planet in such a way, they are one and this earth, they can manipulate, travel across universes, and galaxies.  They have been here millennia.  They know how to reach enlightenment.  They have seen cycles many times before, they are more curious helping those who are further away from the light, and help them move more quickly to enlightenment.  They are more interested in those who live in darkness, so their frequencies more match with those who are less enlightened. Their specialty is to help those in darkness, help them come out of it.  They are here to support us.

Soo     What kind of data do they collect?

HS      They are also at many other planets, collecting similar data, sharing them out with universes, collecting data around species like ours who are far away from light to move quickly to reach enlightenment, so that they can be forces of good.

Soo     So are you saying they are enlightened?

HS      Yes, they are enlightened beings.

Soo     Where are they originated from?

HS      They are showing they are coming out of darkness in the universe, very associated with darkness itself.

Soo     Why are they called Black Knight being?

HS      It is from the saying of black night of the soul, you must transform through to become more enlightened.

Soo     Who named it that way?

HS      Us humans named.

Soo     What is their name of the race?

HS      It begins with Tr…, but do not wish to give out the name.

Black Knight beings, I respect you, and your wish to remain in hidden.  My deepest appreciation to you who lifted the veil a little bit more today, so that we can understand a little bit more about you, why you are here, what you do for what reason.

You are curious beings and so are we.  This is mutual quality we both share.  If whenever you decide to reveal more about you to us, you are more than welcome.

Thank you very much Black Knight Beings for your share!