Soul Branches

The Higher Self (HS) of one client said the client and I came from the same soul branch.  I was very intrigued, so asked questions.

Soo     What do you mean from the same branch?

HS      You two came from the one of the four branches.

Soo     How many branches are there?  Do they have 4, or 5, or any number of it?

HS      There is the one singular trunk, one soul of the Universe.  That soul of the Universe is the Universe.  Knowing yourself, there is aloneness that comes up.  You ask “am I alone”, out of that question, there comes more questions.  So, each of these four branches, new question that singular soul asked out, thus creating many realities that we have across the Universe.  We are all from one big Source, out of that Source, four main branches of the Source, each asked different question at the beginning of the time.

Soo     What are they?

HS      Who am I, am I me, who are you, and who are we?

Soo     So, every soul belongs to one of these branches?

HS      Yes.

Soo     So you are saying the client and I came from the same branch?

HS      Yes.

Soo     Which one is that?

HS      Who are we.

Soo     I wonder why did we ask that question?

Then we had a good laughter together.

Soo     OK, so I imagine there is a huge trunk as the Source.

HS      I am that I am, is that main branch.  That is the Source, the true Source where we are all from.

Soo     So, metaphorically that is a big trunk.

HS      Yes.

Soo     Out of that, four branches came out.  From there more branches out, that’s why the whole world is so interesting?  Isn’t it?

HS      Yes, we are all different manifestation of that question.

Soo     Wow, those simple four questions brought out so many branches!

HS      Because the Source wants to know Itself.  To know more of Itself is to ask more questions to find the truth.

Soo     Just like what we are doing?

HS      Yes.  There is an infinite amount of questions, and infinite amount of truths.

Soo     Wow, the Source is genius!  Infinite questions, infinite truths…  So, questioning of what is the truth is not really a correct question, isn’t it?

HS      No.

Soo     I really have to understand this.  Could you explain that again?

HS      “I am that I am” is the main branch, the true Source, we all are from.  Out of that came four branches.  We are different manifestations of that question.

HS      Originally there were two branches asking “who am I” and “am I me?”  Then branched off two more questions.

Soo     Who am I question branched out to what though?

HS      “Who am I” branched out “who are you” and “am I me” branched out “who are we”.  Those questions split off to infinite questions.  Those original two questions still need to be answered.  These questions happened instantly, all exploded at the same time.  The concept of us, the idea of light beings and light bodies were all created instantly.

Soo     So, you are saying we belong in the “what are we” branch, how did we end up to that branch?

HS      (Big smile…).  This is the part of the branch is most curious about questions about the universe.   We are the pioneers, always asking questions about what are we in the universe.

Soo     Instead of singular, we always have concept of plural questions. We always ask what are we questions.  So, when we ask about Soul family what does it really mean?

HS      That means those four branches, for some it means even deeper than that.  There are many branches, you can go deeper and deeper, some soul family connected on the same little twig, each asking different questions budding a new leaf, expressing itself.

Soo     I noticed some client came from the same soul family.  Their lives are repeating with the same member of the family life after life.  Just changing the role of it.

HS      Yes, they are asking the same initial question.

Soo     So, there is some organization in there.

HS      Yes.

We had a good hearty laugh while satisfying more curiosities with many more questions.