Sara called me asking if I could help her brother, Tim.  Apparently, Tim has been using all kind of drugs and alcohol for the past 25 years.  He went for the rehab many times, failed each time to be free from the influence.  His family was desperate to help him end his addictions.

Due to the experience from some past clients who used to use drugs, which I found out the information did not filter correctly because of the brain got damaged from it, I suggested if Sara could come instead, and have a session to heal Tim’s issue using surrogate healing.

Surrogate healing is a great way of achieving healing done by the Higher Self of a person who can go under trance for another person who are not able to go under.  Many healings have been obtained via this way, a method taught by my teacher, Dolores Cannon.  Sara was excited, for there is a way to help Tim since she has never taken those stuff.

When Sara was under the trance, her Higher Self (HS) saw Tim’s body was covered by sort of thick mesh like net from his head all along down on the back.  It appeared like he wore some sort of cap on his head, thick backpack on his back with heavy cement like block attached on, which made his backache a constant companion. 

This mesh like net was attached, so that reptilian can attach and influence on him.  When Tim was a teenager, he saw some dark energy coming.  That was the time when this reptilian energy came and attached to his body starting to influence Tim’s energy, to a negative way.

look of the mesh on Tim, sketched by Sara

The HS of Sara removed the entity, grabbed and pulled off the mesh like screen over his head, shoulders, and the back that allowed the attachment, removed the square blockage from the back as well.  The screen, which was placed with the consent of Tim helps entity attach on him, so entity can latch.

Many light beings surrounded the table, laid him on light table, pumped him with light.  Now he can stand, be free from this heavy burden, to become himself with full potential.  There was the joy and celebration!  Tim was so happy that it finally got all over!  All light beings patted his back for completing tough job well done saying to him they ”are proud of him!”.  He has done what he needed to do.

It was hard, hard challenge, and was difficult.  He knew he came to the Earth with this challenge, to live that way under the influence.  He needed to experience of all that so that he would know how to free people when souls stuck in thick addiction to offer help.  He would know instinctively what and how to do it because he has been in the trench, so to speak.

He gained the knowledge, has an ability to release human soul from reptilian influence and be able to aid to the Earth ascension.

Now Tim is free from all addictions.  It may take a while the energy immerse into this reality in human body.  He will notice huge improvement within a week starting to feel positive domino effect of the healing.  Never again require to go to the rehab.  Reptilian attachment drove him to all that addictions. There has never been any danger to him, always he was and is protected.

I wondered if he had any reptilian life, to that the HS said “no” and he is a light being, never incarnated as human being as well.  This incarnation is his first here to experience reptilian influence.  He wanted to learn how reptilian influence works so that he can remove them.  He will work on energetic level, getting download, once he has, encoded, understood, instinctively know how to work.  If they are caused by reptilian influence, he has sympathy and empathy. 

In order to complete Tim’s healing, I called His HS to get clean bill of health and his HS said there is no brain damage.  His HS found his feet required healing.  The issue came from heaviness in his feet trying to move away from the reptilian energy.  His feet got healed with blue light and with white light for proper circulation to increase blood flow.  All healing completed.  Now he is ready for light work which is his life purpose: just help.  This means also he can enjoy his normal life basking and working in the beauty of the nature, and love from his family.