Cat Allergy

We are going back to Egypt about 1000 years ago to find the origin of Nick’s cat allergy.

Life was good, enjoyed the luxury of the life offered, working as a healer for royalty.  Also blessed with a loving wife, adorable children, and a few cats.

Good looking male, bald head, amulet on his neck signifying the important status of his ability.  Wore woven gown with golden trim, leather sandals on his feet.

His married life was good, really not much to complain.  One thing he was craving was he was never totally satisfied with his wife for intimacy.  He did not get what he needed or wanted.  He could not express whole heartedly to his wife.

There were rules and regulations he had to abide; he could not repress any longer.  He wanted more.  He found another woman with whom he could be himself, felt the freedom to express his desires, he did not have to be somebody what the society expected of.

He loved his wife, but something more the other woman completed for him.

Unfortunately, his wife found that out, and she fell deeply sunk into sorrow and sadness.  She cried, he felt awful, and guilty of his doings.  He apologized and told her he was sorry.

One of the cats, the Siamese cat growled and hissed at him.  It said to him:

“You hurt her, you bastard!”.  He agreed he made it wrong.  But deep inside of him, he was not really sorry, because he loved the feeling of completion by another.

The cat put a curse on him.  The Siamese cat had very special telepathic ability and he heard it saying: “You love me, but you can not have me, because you hurt me, I don’t trust you.  I am not going to hurt you like you did to her, but you are not going to enjoy me”.

Now he understood why and where the allergy came from, his Higher Self (HS) cleared the allergy without any hesitation.

The Siamese cat is now nodding to him, laughed “hahaha” to him and said “it is about time”.