Blurry Vision

Elsie has worked all her life, and willingly serving others who need her help at a moment’s notice.  Life has not always been easy for her.  Many ups and downs, but no regrets, for she knows she has done her very best.

Now that she is retired from her work force, she has time to look after her health.  Some part of her body has never been happy with her, specifically her vision.

Since from childhood, she has noticed left eye does not see altogether, the other one sees all right, but could have been better she feels.  Many times, she has visited eye doctors to improve her eye sight, but there were no explanations, no cures from them.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed a tumultuous emotion of her parents in early days of this current life.  Her father was violent man, knew no bound of respect to his family.  He adamantly did not want to have a child, at the time, her mother was pregnant with Elsie, their only child.  He wanted her mother to abort the child, but she refused it.  He kicked her mother down the stairs, hoping that could result the miscarriage.

That action damaged the area of her eye sight which were forming at the time in the mother’s womb.  It was not genetic fault.  It was the result of intentional violent physical abuse from her biological father.

Usually when people come for vision issues, I hear from their HS, that it is caused for them not trying to see what is in front of their life, an act of avoidance.  People want to escape from the reality that they have to face.

Her father never ceased to abuse this little girl physically and emotionally, tried to make her life a living hell.  Elsie has never experienced what was father’s love.  Her mother was no better.  Having living with that kind of man, her mom has sunk in deep depression throughout her life.

The entire story of her life was dark, too heavy to listen.  I have listened many stories, but this tops of it all.

The toll has taken on Elsie’s body all over.  She has been suffering fibromyalgia since young too. 

After her HS showed the cause of her eye issue and fibromyalgia, the HS healed in an instant of her fibromyalgia with blinding white light, she felt tingling all over her body.  It was all gone!  Elsie felt all loads off her shoulders.

In respect of healing the eyes, she has to visualize green energy healing on her eyes while meditating.  This will take some time, about two to three months.  And her HS will help heal the eyes.  No problem.

Her HS asked Elsie to listen her session recording every night, and during her sleep the healing will continue and she was eager to do just that!