The Solar Flares

Solar flares are happening all the times, big or small.  The solar flares that I am going to address today is the big one coming in about 20 years from now.

Science tells us it is when the energy stored in the Sun’s magnetic fields explodes and these explosions are called solar flares.

Higher Self (HS) of a client said the purpose of solar flares being created due to the Source wishes to experience another way than the current situation. 

Then what are the effects of the flares.  Needless to say, our power grid will go down, anything electrical will be out and disrupted:  GPS systems, communication with planes in flight and satellite-based technologies, car, internet, phones, mobile phones, fridge, stove, dryer, washer, TV, A/C, heating and the list goes on.

Also affecting water and food distribution, sewage disposal and a whole lot of other aspects of the infrastructure we take for granted daily.

The heat from the Sun flares will be melting all glaciers, snows, shifting the tectonic plates will create floods, water everywhere, chaos, earthquakes, and natural disasters.

Then how does solar flares make that effect?  To that question, the HS said solar flares carry energetic imprints or patterns with them tend to create some change which was needed on the Earth.

Energetic patterns or imprints carry certain code in order to maintain the balance in the dimension.  The pattern/imprint contains the message of destructive, empower or harmonious.  When it hits, depends on imprints, the result will be created.  When the code does not match, detoxing occurs.

For example, we, all are effects in the range of meeting point or energetic check-in:  the energetic imprints say, hey, I’m currently here, where are you, are you going to meet me there, if not, then this is the impact, or consequence.  This is an energetic check in.

The Sun and the Source energy directly are connected with each other.  The Source wishes to experience a certain way, the Sun receives that energy, sends that energy off to everything else.

The Source wants to experience Itself in a way where a life is catered to, life to flourish.  If not matching, bring them all back to the Source.  The Source is constantly upgrading and shifting.

The next reset will occur around or before 20 years from now and the Source is making the shift again.  The huge jump pulls us the Earth, to a new different vibration, which the Earth has never experienced before.  It will be a huge jump to repurpose for something else.

To the planet, it will be a bit of shock to the system, and it has never experienced this before.  However, it is meant for highest good for all, the Earth.

So, are we all going to die, I asked.  The HS said: to prepare for the big shift, we are to go inward.  Meeting the Source energy within us.  Focus on that vibe.  Accepting what’s coming, and moving to that direction.

People who are evolved, they will have a choice to stay to help build the life again or return to the Source, and people who are not evolved, they all go back to the Source.

Awakening will take place.  Huge shift will occur. Guidance from other planets, and ETs to more humans, that will create to speed up this vibration.  Lots of benevolent ETs are protecting, helping, assuring, and preparing us.  We will be well prepared.

All right, the big shift happened, then what are the changes are we going to experience in the future.  To that HS said: We won’t need food to sustain.  Humans will consume liquid-like sustenance.  Water, a different form that will energize the system.  Some grains or vegetables exist, however not much food is required to sustain, and will be reduced to minimal. 

Humans find no need to call someone or text to communicate.  Humans will tap into other ways to communicate.  For example, use the psionic abilities we never bothered to improve.

Now we use electricity extensively but, in the future, we will do a lot with water which will act as energy to transform to create the form required.  Water powers everything.

Now I delivered the message to you all.