Why God Abandoned Me?

A young lady came for a session fuming why everyone hates her.  Well, let’s find that out, I said.

Very noticeable energy in her eyes she had, which were penetrating and unflinching with full of apathy. 

When she was sharing her memories in this life, her family and in-laws were indeed extremely unkind to her.  Of course, she had no friend in school years, nor any good relationship at her work as well.

Life is and has been hell, according to her and she wants out.  Currently she has been married for a few years and has a young child.  To the child she has love, it appeared to me.

While I was addressing what name should she feel comfortable to get permission to ask her questions, she said Universe was fine instead of Higher Self, for she could not relate to that name.  No problem, then we call it the Universe.

She went on to express her feelings about God and spiritual beings.  She has been feeling abandoned by God, asking me why God abandoned her.

God has never been there for her when she needed help, just left her suffer she felt.  While her parents were beating her, God was never there to help her.  While she was going schools, she wanted good friends, but God never gave her good friends, where was God.  While she needed a good man, God was never there to give her a good man.  Finally, she married a man, he has not been kind to her either, where is God there for her.  While she was receiving harassment from in-laws, God was never there to help her.  These were some of the reasons she felt she has been abandoned by God.

Before I started the beginning part of the induction to help her into deeply relaxed state, she said “it is OK to say Higher Self instead of Universe”.  OK thanks and I carried on, she was relaxing more and saw her going deeper.

As she was going deeper, Lord Krishna came to her and told her “Trust”, so I reinforced that she needed “just trust and say whatever comes to your mind”.

Her HS showed a past life where the vast desert lied everywhere.  No trees, no vegetation, just brown sands and heat.  She was young healthy male with brown strapped sandal on his feet, white long robe on his body with turban on his head, like Saudi Arabs wear she said.

A bunch of males tricked and betrayed him, thrown him off a horse down to a desert leaving him all alone with no food, and no water.

Looking up the Sun as a guide, he walked to the direction where he felt towards.  He was searching water everywhere, none!  He found a shelter under a mountain, found a thorny plant, but too many thorns everywhere, impossible to eat the plant.  No water.  Another day and half kept walking, he knew he was going to die there, and died.

She learned stop trusting people, and the Higher Self said these were her patterns of deceit and betrayals that she has been setting up to learn from this.  She needs to love and forgive these people, her in-laws, and her husband in this current life.  They were the men who betrayed and thrown him to the desert in the past life shown.

Her HS said she chose those people to repeat the pattern in this life again, so that she learns to love and forgive instead of hating. 

Lord Krishina has been her Higher Self in this session all through, I was curious why he had been with her.  He said that she did not hate her, so he was able to come and help her.  He is a few she does not hate, he said.

So, Lord Krishina was willing to help heal her body and answered her questions.  He told her:  it is the matter of perspective of looking at things.  He emphasized that she was not a victim, but she planned it that way to learn. 

Lord Krishina advised her to surrender to God to evolve faster, have devoted meditation, trust more, let go of control and all aspects of her life will be vastly improved.

What a huge change I saw after she was brought out to the full consciousness from the trance.  Her eyes were softer, gentler, and smiling.