To Move Forward

Bora was on the way of viewing her current life, and not yet fully immersed in the current life, but on the way to it.  She was in full of tears and sobbing, telling me that she was looking down on pain from the space above in the sky.  Her heart was beating so fast, it was scaring her.  So much pain that she was seeing did that to her poor heart! 

When talking about her life in the beginning when she met me, she expressed many sad things happened in her life.  Where many of her close good friends whom she loved and shared emotions deeply with, all committed suicides.  

She developed a mindset that whoever is close with her will die.  So afraid of committing any deep human relationship, or else that person will disappear again!  After repeating the same experience like that, who wouldn’t formulate that type of thinking.

More crying, I encouraged her to cry it all out, to release all the sorrows and sadness that she has been keeping silently in her heart.  In more relaxed state, she let it more out loudly for several more minutes and said in between sobbing, “It is hard to be in human body, feel so heavy, I want to be on the cloud.  Such a density!”. 

More cries and more sobbing, then she looked around and said “I feel so lonely.  Where is everybody?”.  So, I suggested her to invite all of her friends.  Then one by one, all of her friends who ended their lives came.

Each one explained to her why they decided to go, and told her it was their time.  Bora explained to me on each one who meant so much in what way to her.  They all told Bora that there “is no need to concern” with them, for they ” are in a good place”.  Bora said she knew it, but so hard to acknowledge it.

Then her Grandmas from both parents came, telling her that they “are proud of you, let go, let go of pain of holding on to us.  It is not helping us;  your grieving is pulling us down to the Earth”.  So, she released them, let them go for their own sake.  Because she loves them.  And more sobbing and saying “it is so hard…”.

Then Archangel Michael came by with his blue wings, and in blinding white light.  The Angel said she needed to trust.  Her fears: the fear of unknown, feeling the bottom dropping out, the sinking feeling of not having anything to catch.  The Angel  assured her that he catches her at every time, at anywhere.  More sobbing…

The Archangel Michael said to her to trust and she agreed to trust. Then more advises came from the Angel for her:  He said to her, that she “doesn’t have to try so hard, flow like a river”. He loves her, has loved her, and will always love her.  The Angel further explained why holding on too tight!  Let go of her ego.  Then more cries, this time from intoxication of the Angel’s love.

So, I asked to Archangel Michael why he came.  He said he is her protector and to ask her “to move forward” in life.