The Higher Self (HS) of a client imparted understanding on what is soul and what we are all here to create if we choose to do it.

Memory became possible because the soul lived in the being.  Once the soul finished; upload the knowledge of the being to the memory bank of the universe; in turn they get to be transferred to other universes’ libraries and those information become part of the learning for all beings in the creation.

Being in the highest dimension such as the 9th dimension, they are omnipresent.  That means they can access to every experience ever lived in any possible mode in the creation; access to all of these; you become one with everything; every single experience ever existed.  You are fully experiencing every single experience ever existed in any universe, fully experiencing that reality. 

If there is a soul, the being is experiencing and records the experience.  But if there is no soul, there is no record.  Soul is the watcher, and the observer of the experience.  Soul’s purpose is being a centre of the universe that it resides, observing the universe it resides in, and to allow its desires to manifest.

For example:

Someone driving a car, if an accident of a car hit a pole.  Insurance people come and ask you what happened.  You say a pole suddenly appeared from nowhere, and I hit the pole.  Insurance person will say they need the proof.

When two people bump each other, and there are two observers.  Insurance person hears both stories, then potential reality, a proof of the reality happens.  Two observers make and enlighten this experience to be a reality. If you have only one observer, and not the other one, you cannot prove to anyone.  Having common ground, you can prove your experience, having the observers can solidify the reality.

You can run the whole universe without any soul, then it runs its possibility, not actuality. If you put the soul, the possibility becomes actuality.  The soul is the creator of solidifying what you observe.

Multiple souls all affecting the one universe they exist in, each observes differently, that would bring forth unperceived reality into reality in its own perception. Different souls collaborate, form, and create a link which reality looks more solid.

Assuming if I were not in this building; without my soul in it; if there is no soul living in this building; this building could have infinite number of floors; or any infinite possible layouts; but when my soul chose to come down into this reality; and observe the building; I collapse of way the function of different possibility of what this building is going to look like; made it match the possibility that most resonate with my personal experience of what it should look like.  This makes my reality unique, because I brought on my perception of my reality into existence, that’s why the cocreators come in.

If you live in the universe without any soul, it is fun to create new universe.  They create infinite possibilities; whatever reality you desire you want.  If you have cocreator, your vision and other vision get to have law, regulation placed, lots of learning happen.  When each looks differently, most learning happens.

That’s how this planet becomes unique; from all different souls from all parts of the universe; all see and try to create each reality differently of about eight (8) billion realities; coming from about eight (8) billions of us on the Earth now.  We end up creating breaking part of this planet; wars; all fighting all different concepts; now we are moving on having groups of people of the same; seeing same perspective; we cocreate blissful planet.   If huge portion of people observe the same reality it will be heightened by thousand times.  That’s why the importance of bigger number of meditators visualize creating of this planet a beautiful place, the more reality of creating beautiful planet possible. 

The client saw a Mandela, something akin to E8 that’s shown here.  Instead of lines, the client saw about eight billion circles, each circle of being with different energy create a beautiful art piece.  So many possibilities coming in one picture, more circles to add, more sophisticated observation of this reality becomes.

The project of this scale has never been tempted; bring all souls from all different parts of the universe into one space; that we call the Earth; that we want everybody cocreate this reality and using free will; which makes it very difficult; but once you see the outcome; you end up having a beautiful living picture with trillions of possibilities that all cocreate it in a new light.

It is very fun watching; fun for each one of us looking back; understand how things fallen apart; and rebuilt etc.; watching an art piece pulsating with energy being created; you are a part of the creation.  One of the most beautiful things you can do as a soul is to create a completely new vision put it out into the universe.

Every person on the planet has an effect of what happened, what’s perceived, the outcome of the art project.  Impact implication of it is so big, transferred over to all different portion of the universe, all coming together creating this beautiful art piece.  This art piece will be sent to all the regions of the universes, different cultures in different planets will look at this art piece.  They look at, learn, and they want to do it themselves as well to impact the entire universe.

This is an art piece of creating new universe, new world that look different than what we collectively have created before.  This project has started even before 13 billion years ago.