The Antenna Beings

Antenna being of the Jupiter drawn by the client

The planet Jupiter is huge from where we look at it, and very noticeable with that distinctive Red spot. Violent storms and activity of gases are wild and furious, it is easy to gather living in that environment is impossible and unthinkable.

These speculations are from the perspective of the third dimensional being, having dense body which feels cold, and heat to a minute change. Further speculation goes to that it is impossible even to imagine living in the planet where temperature goes up thousands of degrees in the day and plunges down to minus several hundred degrees in the night.

Each planet has its level of vibration, where there is vibration, there is life, and there is existence. Energy has multi-dimensional existences. Therefore, when the planet has beings in very high vibratory level, living in that environment of the Jupiter can be very comfortable to them.

The Higher Self (HS) of one client said that the dimension of the planet Jupiter is extremely evolved, and they are in the 9th and the 10th dimension, while we, on the Earth are in the 3rd, 4th, and the 5th.

Beings on the Jupiter do not have humanoid form, but have forms in brown sandy substance, their heads are very large like satellite dish with antennas. Each being has colorful energy of rainbow waves around its form. They are extremely intuitive, highly developed, but secluded beings. They have receptors to universal consciousness, pick up on telepathy from other places. They are encouraging our planet, but they prefer not to be involved. And yet they like to know what is going on.

Beings on the Jupiter feel so much for the Earth, watching and praying for us. When the Earth has destruction, they cry, because they feel the vibration of destruction. When that happens, they send light back to the Earth. Each one is trying to extend their energy onto the Earth, so more people on the Earth can shift to the higher dimension.

They are so saddened that the Earth has been stuck in low density for so long, they are cheering for the Earth to evolve. They are so peaceful beings and highly psychic. There are healers in the Jupiter. And they see everything more with the 3rd eyes. Their arms are like sonars. All of them are standing up, sending healing light to help heal the Earth. Indeed, they are healers of our solar system.

I asked why they pay so much interest to the Earth. And the HS said they consider this solar system as one, therefore, they try to heal every planet. It is like when one finger gets hurt, it is hard to function as a hand. Every planet tries to sustain to balance, and this effort moves further out to other solar systems of the universe.

Our one tiny action creates ripple effect to the other planets, to our solar system, to other stars in our Milky Way galaxy, onto another galaxy, and so on. This shows how we are truly intertwined and influence on each other.

Further the HS elaborated the entire creation as one huge tapestry woven by billions of tiny threads to form a colorful living, breathing being.