Cord Cutting

Rafi is sincere in nature, highly intelligent, working in marketing world and her employer treasures her contribution.  Compensation from her work is quite satisfactory and life is okay on all levels, save she has no man to love.

During several hours of listening to her life story, I see there are whole lot more issues she carries with. 

From a culture where supporting family is highly regarded as a filial duty, she has been helping her parents, siblings and even relatives all through her adult life.  She is so frugal to a point of literally counting pennies to save, but every month, she manages to send money to them.  Since her immigration to Canada, she has no family to call for help, yet bravely alone she handles her financial affairs.

Her family back home demanded her sending money even in the times of her difficulties in-spite of them fully aware of her situation.  Her family thinks her living in Canada means there should be plenty of money to spare.  Of course, now she earns good income, they even demand more sum.

Now this has been going on for good 20 years until she now reaches to a point where she totally wants to scrap the family. And yet, duty bound, her mind is not at ease.

To make her blood boiling even higher, she learns through the vines that how they waste and dwindle the precious money she sends to them.  Rafi describes that is like pouring water into a bottomless jar.    Now her heart aches in maddening anger and resentment toward them, many sleepless nights, body pains all over, and peace of mind is certainly out the window.

In order to find a solution to obtain inner peace, she searched the internet and found Dolores Cannon’s YouTube on “Learn to Let go of Karma”.  In it, Dolores talks about letting go of karma.  In order to rid of karma, we have to let it go.  She describes we do it mentally, because face to face is difficult.  Picture yourself tearing the contract with that person and saying: “We tried, we really tried, it did not work”.  And you see yourself tearing up the contract and throwing it away and say: “I forgive, you, I release you, I let you go.  You go your way, I go mine.  We don’t have to be connected anymore at all”.

Also forgive yourself, since you also had a part in creating karma.  Here is the clip for your ference:

Rafi says she even went through the forgiveness ritual and still she finds no inner peace.  And now she is sitting in front of me, talking about her life with full emotions.

None other than her Higher Self (HS) can recommend the best way for her.  So, I asked questions to her HS.

Soo     What would be the best way for her?

HS       Cut the cords with them.

Soo     Cut the cords?

HS       It is time for her to be free from them.

Soo     Is there any other way to handle that situation?

HS       Cutting the cords is the best solution for her.  Cut it with everyone.

Soo     How can she do that?

HS       She has a book on it on her dining table.

Soo     You mean there is a book on cutting cords?

HS       Yes, in the book, it has all the instructions that she needs.

Soo     Just like that?

HS       Follow the instruction in the book, cut the cord with every member of them.  No need to waste her life on them anymore. 

Her HS is clear on the instruction and Rafi is to follow it.

I looked the internet up on “cutting cords”, and there are various ways of doing it.  Here are two examples out of many.  It is important we do this with love and compassion, not with anger or resentment:

Dear Spirit Guides, I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut any etheric cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light and positive attention be released. Help me to release them and surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments. Thank You.


I now cut all cords that are going to me or from me, that are attached to any person, place, animal, thing, or situations that no longer serves my highest good.

I now cut all cords with unconditional love, compassion, gentleness and ease.

Surround me in a net of light, pull it through my field, and remove all negativity.