Shaken Up!

It has been more than four months since the “lock down” from all activities due to the corona virus.  Everyone eagerly waits for the “freedom” of going anywhere to enjoy life in all aspects.  Also free from wearing mask, with it hardly you can breathe normal and knowing well you are breathing back what has been breathed out, specifically in hot weather that we have now.  Social distancing feels less bothersome compare to wearing mask is what most people whom I met express.  My curiosity is there as to when we all can go back to normalcy.  A Higher Self (HS) of one client offered some information:

The virus was created to bring fear to people to control, mostly for political reason.  For they felt they were losing the grip: control of power.

While going through this lock down period, we, the people, see some changes are being created, most specifically financial institutes are gearing into on line transactions of any kinds, requiring very little human interaction, and some of them do not even accept cash.  The HS said soon there will be no more banks.  It is beneficial not to have any monetary obligations, such as to carry mortgage, credit card debts, or any debts.  Simpler life will give you less impact.  For everyone will get impacted from this financial change.  Also, the HS sees the real estate value will go down.  As a whole, all of us will experience loss of investments, and loss of finances.  In one word, the HS said, there will be a financial breakdown so will the political breakdown as well.  The HS recommends us to go with the flow.  It is okay to be part of the overall growth.  Everyone loses money, so take that experience as to which we all have to go through.

The planet will take four years to adjust from the effect of the virus.   Within a year, vaccine will be ready, people will be advised to take the vaccine to avoid to get the virus, which is another form of control.  Vaccine is an exposure in low doses, once in a system, they rewrite the program.  If you get vaccinated, you also spread and eventually everyone is going to get the virus.  The last attempt to control.   Control comes from fear, not the virus.  It is the fear of the society.  It will take four years to completely free from it.

By being pushed, people are awakening.  And people are being shaken up from the core.  The rate of changes, unless you are fully secured mentally and being grounded, you are going to be in the mud since everything outside is chaos.  Group consciousness of the Earth right now, people are in fear, feeling fragile, not connecting to themselves, and receiving all stimulants.  They receive, and don’t know how to process them.  While being in tremendous fear, all bodily mechanics get messed up, end up producing so much noisy brain wave to a point where the brain nerves are being fried.  In that process, people experience in constant feeling not only fear, but also anxiety, depression, mood swing, loss of sleep, learning disability, poor memory, and exhibiting all symptoms of mental illness.

Some seeks relief by trying psychedelics, because they feel no effort is required to get quiet mind, so they just pop the stuff into their mouth or sniff.  But the HS teaches the importance of learning to get quiet within without external source.  Since we all have to recognize our own power.  Thus, the HS recommends practicing meditation to quieten down the noisy brain waves and take care of the body.  Therefore, do physical exercise as well as eating foods from organic source, wholesome, not processed, and green vegetables.  Being in the nature is another recommendation from the HS, for the nature gives peace and raise their vibration up.

The HS sees it is the quiet time right now worldwide which has never happened before, so they; the light beings; gather this light; activate it; so, they can send this light to people.  People are not used to this sudden quietness, and not feeling comfortable with it, but it is very much needed to still the Earth to support her. 

The HS sees blackness which is very low in the sense of spiritual evolution in the countries such as US, South America and strong power controlling countries like China, and Russia.   Italy and Spain agreed to be the virus being rampant in their countries, and agreed to be the first wavers of the virus.  So other countries know and learn what it is like.  They knew what can occur.  The HS sees all white lights in Canada as having many light workers.  Even though people are expecting to go restaurants soon, in Canada, the HS sees that people wearing mask and observe social distancing to the end of this year, 2020.  In the US, they have many light workers but there are many more dark workers. They need many more light workers to bring them from darkness to light. The Canadians have higher understanding how important of being cautious, while others are still in so much fear based. 

A lot is happening now around the globe.  First, turn off the TV, media and become a good friend to your inner world.  These are the advises the HS added to.