Rashes and Hives

Helen came in for a session to be free from having the extreme itches, rashes and hives which she has been suffering for the past two months.  She said she has taken celery juice for two months to cleanse her body for detoxing purpose.  She followed the instruction written in a book of Anthony William’s: “The celery juice”, that recommends taking two cups (16 oz) of celery juice every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.

In the beginning, she felt itches starting from lower back, then noticed rashes developed, and even hives spreading upward and around her torso.  She stopped consuming the celery juice; washing the area often with diluted peroxide and soothing lotion, or even Himalayan salt water.  To her dismay, the inflicted area was expanding to the entire back area, neck and both arms.  The itches were extreme to a degree where she lost her sleep many nights, and never mind the hard-to-explain-in-words discomfort came with it during the days as well.  The intensity has been slowly diminishing when it entered to the third month.

All knowing Higher Self (HS) was waiting for my question.  So, I addressed her concern to her HS.

Soo     Why such extreme trouble?

HS       It is just a part of cleansing.  Blood is going around the body to pick up dead or mutated cells to leave through the body.  When circulation is not perfect, they are not leaving the body.  The cleansing work done and some of the cells are leaving through the rashes.

Soo     She is wondering whether the problem is caused of eating one specific type of the food.  For example, too much fruits or potatoes.

HS       It is not coming from consuming too much food of any specific kind.  She can eat things she loves.

Soo     What celery juice is good for?

HS       Celery juice is good for moving the blood in the body.  This juice has lot of electrolytes to allow the motion of blood to the areas most needed, to carry nutrients to heal.  For example, to help some scar to heal.  Some cells are not fully cleaned up yet, this helps circulate nutrients move more efficiently to allow the areas what they need.

HS       She needs to add Himalayan salt to the celery juice to make it more electrolyte filled.

Soo     Why?

HS       Himalayan salt has electrolyte such as magnesium.  Celery salt isn’t salt.

Soo     How much salt to add?

HS       Add the Himalayan salt less than half tea spoon in ¾ cup of celery juice.  Take the juice two times a day for two more weeks. Once in the morning, and once in the evening.  she doesn’t need that after anymore.

Soo     So can she eat all the fruits that she desires to eat?

HS       Say if she wants to eat more apples, set the power of intention.  In the beginning, meditate 20 minutes before eating.  Once your body is proficient working with you, you reduce the meditation time.  First, ask the body to cooperate that she is going to eat more apples.  If the body says “yes”, then the body can deal with it.  The body produces enough enzymes to digest apples. Body listens to us, and we need to listen to it. It is a back and forth communication.  Learn to cooperate with your body. 

HS       Be mindful what you are eating, think of the moment; and be in the moment.  Think of the things you are eating; give gratitude and positivity for the food and drink; then the body releases endorphin that you need.

Soo     Thank you for helping her!

HS       You are very welcome.