Excess Information

One particular house was drawn to Amelia’s curiosity, entered the house, found the place that had not been occupied for a while because the musty smell of the house gave her that information.

Looking odd long runaway carpet on the main floor, she decided to go upstairs to find out more. There was an old man crouched on the floor in the corner of the room.  He was skinny; gray looking; skin was decayed almost became a skeleton; eyes were open and now finding him been dead for a while.  Why no one was here to collect this body, she thought.

Her job was to pray for the dead, took a book of life from the person and record everything on her book, what she did and happened.  She hesitated a bit to take out the book from his firm grip of it which the dead man wrote his life on that book and she had to return it to the library where she worked.

She wore a uniform for the job: brown shoes, one long blue dress fell to her ankle, and wore black veil covering on her body on top of the long dress save the face.

The library in other dimension where she lived and worked was so huge, walls lit by faint light from lamps, high ceiling with so many shelves with many books: all books of dead people.  The receptionist of the library greeted her with warm smile and acknowledged her doing a good job.

She went into her room in the library, dusted off the smell from the smelly place.  Her room was small with one single bed, one wall lamp, and a small sink to wash her face and to drink the water from and she said the water tasted sweet and cold.

Sitting on the bed, wondering about the dead man whom she just prayed for and took his book, how he died, what he knew and wanted to read his book of life.  Her curiosity was overpowering, and decided to venture out secretly.  It was a forbidden rule to find out more details of the dead and to go out from the library.

Back to the dead person’s house, she picked up another book on his book shelves.  The body was no longer there. She was scared to be found by the library people that she was out and she knew well she should not be at dead person’s place.  Now she felt she had to return to the library before she got caught.  But she got caught, another higher personnel called her and gave her warning not to repeat that action again.

She got bored of the same job though she was born to do that job, and did not want to live in the library any more. This library was one of the main libraries, unlike Akashic Records, which she said it was one branch of the many libraries.  Back to her room, sitting and mulling over about the dead person, she decided to turn the lamp out which was never allowed to do, considered as a sign to tell them that she did not want her job and not happy of doing it.  She sneaked out of the place.  She wanted to explore outside, dying to know what other people do.

It was very dark night, the first time venturing out of the library, not knowing what to do.  She felt terrible being out, she wanted to go back but she extinguished her lamp, so she could not go back.  She needed to find out her friend who should live somewhere nearby, but could not find her.

Walking on the street, regretting badly that she left the place wondering around in this dark night on the street where she knew no one.  Walking and walking, she started feeling cold, and hungry.  She knocked some houses for food, but sooner they saw her uniform they shut the door abruptly.  No one wanted to open the door for her.  Who would want to invite the lady of the dead?

Exhausted and hungry, she needed a place to hide so she walked into the forest where dried fallen leaves could provide her warmth.  A bit later into her resting, she felt tall tree people poked her face to see if she was alive.  They were curious who she was.  Now many tree people surrounded her and she kept pretending to be dead and she died there eventually.

In this current life, she has attractive young body and had many sexual partners to satisfy her desires.  She was curious why all her partners have birthdays fall on certain dates of a certain month.  Her physical issue was vaginal yeast infection. She has tried many prescribed creams, but did not find any relief.

Her Higher Self (HS) showed her the past life as described as above.  Her curiosity to know lives of people she prayed for, she abandoned her task and crossed over her boundaries.  That tendency continued in this current life.  She has hurried in relationships and skipped the process of knowing her partners, jumped right into the sexual activity which her HS said the fastest way to get to know the personal truth.

She used sex to know their truth, she wanted to know them right now.  Excess information she did not need, and excess information she got from many different sexual partners are the cause of her vaginal yeast infection.  It was too much information for her body to handle.

The current life partner was the man in the past life from whom she took his book and returned to his place wanting to find out more.  In this current life, she is getting to know him more in detail having somewhat steady relationship according to her standard.

All the males in this life whom she has encountered sexually were the people whom she was going to pray for when they died in that past life as a lady of the dead.  Now she has satisfied her desire to get to know them in this life, received the information she dearly wanted to get then in the past life.

Her HS advised her to take time to get to know people.  Do not rush to the conclusion in haste.  Enjoy the process, stay in one relationship, thoroughly understand the person and always respect their privacy not crossing over the personal boundaries.  She is to never to assume she knows everything about the person’s truth.

Her HS advised her to stay in her truth with herself and with others.

Her HS cleared all the vaginal yeast infection from her body.