Departed the Red Sea

The following information came from one of my client’s session of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

Moses walked the Earth three times: once as master Ling, the other as a disciple Ananda of Buddha, and as Moses. Each time he came to teach about the Source. That, this life on the Earth is all illusion. Our object is to learn about the Source and we go back to the Source.

image courtesy of Stand Still Designs

The movie “Ten Commandments” portrayed Moses with a rod; the long rod appeared very special. With it, all supernatural phenomena occurred. One of them was departing the Red Sea.

Soo         What was the rod? Did he really carry the rod? Any special rod?
HS          Yes, it has special power in it, the special power given by the Source and it has connection with the Source.
Soo         He departed the Red Sea with his rod, was there any specific meaning of departing the sea?
HS          Yes, the special power in the rod was used to unite Oneness. The water thrown up into the air, and everyone walked through to get to the other side. It was all illusion. Everything was illusion, and that was what Moses tried to show.
HS          Bondage was illusion, you are from the Source. If you truly believe in the creation of that Source, then anything can be manipulated. Moses became alchemist at that point, although he was in human vessel, he had to show them his reality, and what they wanted to see. So that the Sea parted to every single one’s eyes. And they walked through.
HS          They have the ability and knowledge to destroy the illusion. They have the sight of the light of the Source. It was the light they saw, it was not actual sea; the physical sea coming apart. Everything here is illusion. At that time illusion was broken.
Soo        Those Israelites as said in the Bible, were they special people?
HS          No, they were not special people. A group of volunteers to be who they were and would spread the word that there was one Source. Those people agreed to be in bondage, and they volunteered to be tortured, sacrificed in order to send the message.
HS          Yes, the cruelty of human was beyond imagination. However, the learning was to embrace the one Source. Although, the message was misconstrued.
HS           Tablets were, again, not symbols for them of what not to do.  For example, thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s wife etc, and there were more than 2 (two) tablets. Those tablets were the codes of how to live in the essence, how to bring close to the Source. Again, that was completely misunderstood.
Soo         I think I read somewhere they said Moses went up to heaven in a chariot of fire.
HS          (Big laughter for a long while). There was no flying chariot of fire! If the soul is fire, yes, that was who he was.
Soo         Sometimes I read some highly advanced yogis, they ascended heaven in chariot of fire. Was it something like that?
HS          The vessel of Moses became consumed by his essence, after while he had to go to the Source, as he thought that he had accomplished what he set out to, when the Source said it was time to go back to, then yes!. All of him was consumed by the Source.

Back in those days, the means of transportation were chariots, soul became one with the Source, the intensity and size of the Essence were so bright and huge, eyes of spectators of that time could have thought it was a chariot of fire.