Like Sunrays

We hugged when Celena walked into the door. I felt her back was all soaked. I was thinking maybe she carried her backpack in this weather made her sweat. May be the weather was too hot for her…

Celena was exuding love and soft, beautiful, caring feminine quality. Her quite demeanor, ever attentive to other people’s needs and soft-spoken voice made me pay more attention to her expression while she talked about her life. Definitely, she could make an excellent partner and mother, if she decides to be.

Some female has this tom boy style character. Yes, they are very gentle inside. But outwardly, they behave with wild, tough kind of demeanor. But Celena, she was a symbol of femininity to me.

She expressed sweating problem as well as feeling cold whether it be winter or summer. She did not know why but she said, she’s had these symptoms as far as she remembered.

In the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session, this is the interview time, where client talks about his/her life for the first time in this life perhaps. Think about it. When have you ever talked about your life in detail to anyone, and you have compassionate and skillful listener in front of you? Rarely. This is the time you do that.

After she viewed some of her past lives, and it was the time to address her physical discomforts to her Higher Self (HS).

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Soo        Celena has been sweating in winter or summer. May I ask why?
HS          She is being sensitive,  she takes other people’s energy in. Sweating represents in to her physical.
Soo         You mean to say, her taking other people’s energy makes her sweating?
HS           Correct.
Soo         What about her feeling cold?
HS          That’s the same thing.
Soo         Meaning?
HS           Either sweating or feeling cold is the same physical symptom of other people’s energy trying to penetrate her energy.
Soo        Why is she taking them in?
HS          Her energy protection is not strong. Her energy needs some protection.
Soo        How?
HS          We need to draw a shield to protect her energy from others’ trying to seep in.
Soo        Could you do that for her?
HS          Yes, we are doing it.
Soo        Could you tell us how you are doing it?
HS          We are drawing a big circle large enough to wrap around her body.
Soo        And then?
HS          We draw rays going outward like bright sunrays radiating out.
Soo       So any specific color is involved?
HS         Yes, we draw everything in yellow, bright, bright yellow.
Soo       Like a sun?
HS         Yes, just like a sun.
Soo       Why radiating out?
HS         So nothing can penetrate in. It will keep her safe, like the Source keeps all safe.