A lot more people are suffering from scoliosis than I have imagined. Recently, I had the privilege of meeting very special people who happened to have scoliosis. Every person who has this discomfort has so unique reason for their condition. Not a single person shares the same reason, however, their back shows the similar shape and their discomforts are not unique.

Audrey has a fabulous job what everybody envies to have. Unlike the outside facade of the industry, the real inside story is incredibly cruel.


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Audrey is beautiful, and intelligent. I fell in love with her inner beauty when I met her for the first time. I felt as if we were good friends for a long time, and I could talk with her for an eternity.

She really deserves a better life, and was eager to find out what made her carry the curved back for so long. Her Higher Self (HS) was right there when she was deeply relaxed.

Soo     She’s been having scoliosis for some time. Could you tell her why she has scoliosis?
HS       At her work, people are not loving each other; rather they enjoy hurting and backstabbing. They make great fun belittling each other and she is not the only target.
Soo     And?
HS       If you stand up too good, they pounce her down, make her crawl and they are having great fun in ruining her career.
Soo     And?
HS       In order to survive at her work, she decided to lower herself, and made herself smaller. Hoping her coworkers leave her alone.
Soo     Do you mean to say lowered herself has made her back curved?
HS       Correct.
Soo     So, did she attain peace and reward at work?
HS       She definitely felt less harassment but received constant ridicules. Without getting a good promotion, nor appreciation of her contribution, she has been depressed for a long while.
Soo     Then, what did she learn!
HS       She decided she does not want to live that way anymore, and has to do something about it. That is why she came here to see you today.
Soo     As her Higher Self, what would you advise the best way for her? To carry on life with scoliosis, or straighten the back and claim the deserved life

HS       We are working on her spine right now.
Soo     Thank you!!!

Bob is such a loving, and gentle guy. He appears to be a model partner and father. He has this sweet smile on his face and is ever so polite when he speaks with me. You would never have guessed he has been suffering. I wonder why so many good people are in that situation.

Bob’s Higher Self (HS) has been waiting for this moment for so long for him, I sensed from the way they responded to my question. They (HS) talked without stopping, and they went right to the core of the problem.

HS       Oh! He is got a yoke on his neck! That is why he got this scoliosis.
Soo     Why yoke? How did he get yoke on his neck?
HS       This was caused by his marriage partner`s constant barrage of emotional abuses.
Soo     Please explain?
HS       He took her verbal abuses, and incessant unfair demands. The behaviours of his partner have created a huge yoke on his neck, and it has been chocking and pressing down his back, thus the scoliosis has formed.
Soo     So what do you think is best for him?
HS       We are removing the yoke that will correct his back curve.
Soo     Is that it? Don`t you need to do something more for him?
HS       That`s all required, nothing else. Now his back is all straight. Now he has a deep sigh of relief.

Indeed at that moment, I heard a few very long deep sighs. I saw his abdomen heaved up and collapsed a few times. It looked as though he was blowing out all the trash from his body for good!

Soo     Are you sure he will never have this problem?
HS       No more, his back is straight and this will never happen again.
Soo     Do you promise him?
HS       It is done!