Elephant Legs

A beautiful young woman booked a session to be free from swollen legs and feet.  When she was a teen, she did get bitten by a mosquito.  Her legs and feet were swollen to the enormous size, she literally could not do any sports what every teenager could enjoy.  There has been too much weight to carry.

Her parents took her to many different doctors hoping to find some cure for her.  Doctors ran many blood tests, x-rays for many different times of her young years, but they did not find any cause of her issue.  They found all the tests showed normal, there were no trace of worms, parasites or anything that would affect her symptoms persisting.  Doctors were baffled and could not offer any solution to her.

She has been carrying out her life as best as she can and made a huge success in her career, but now she wants to be free from swollen legs and feet for good.  Many tears were shed on talking about the difficulties of carrying the weight on her legs, while she was describing her life to me.

Her Higher Self (HS) has been guiding her and I started asking questions for healing.

Soo       How this mosquito sting cause so much swelling?

HS         It was not the real cause of the edema.

Soo       What was the cause?

HS         In one of her past life, she was a very wealthy man, but not so kind to dogs or people.  He was a snub, egoistical and very brutal to dogs.

Soo       And?

HS         Neighbors did not appreciate his attitude as well.  They tied his hands to the pole with rope.  The two (2) hungry stray dogs approached him where he was tied up.  They started snarling at him showing big pointy sharp teeth.  They started biting his left ankle, eating his leg flesh too.  The sepsis set in his leg, eventually he lost his life in great pain.

Soo       How did he feel when he was bitten by the dogs?

HS         He felt, how dare you are eating me!  Being tied, he could not fight back either.  He felt tremendous anger and fear and still carries those feelings to this current life.

Soo       What can you help her?

HS         It is the anger stored in her legs and feet that makes them swell to its size.  She has to learn patience in this life to wait for the right time to happen. 

Now her ever loving, compassionate and powerful Higher Self reveals the real reason why her body is in that state, they opened the blockage, removed all blockages, drained all the stored feeling of fear and activated lymphatic system to drain.  All the blocks melted, released passage fluid so that all body fluids flow effortlessly.  The entire healing will occur seamless, she will not feel any side effects.

Unnecessary luggage is gone.